stork: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi stork:

Is in a dream indicates that people like the meeting and participate. If you saw the storks together in the winter showed thieves and by sector, and the enemies of warriors, the cold and turbulence in the air, the clouds, they saw a good sign for those who wants to travel, or traveling, and perhaps indicate that the traveler returns from his trip.

Dream interpretation by Ibne seri

Stork: In a dream, a stork represents sociable and sharing people. However seeing a flock of storks gathering in the wintertime in a dream means a meeting of thieves and highway robbers, or it could represent the enemy’s army, cold weather, air pollution, or strong winds. Seeing a dispersed flock of storks in a dream is then a good sign for a traveller, or it could mean returning home from a business trip.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision stork

The stork it a cousin Zahid Haseeb harmless Mtvkr the consequences of things.

It felt: that concern for the R or gave it to him accompanied by a man Mtcefa these qualities mentioned.

It felt: that he was killed because it shows concern on the loss of a great man on his hand.

It felt: that concern spoke with him he gives him wonder people do it and get it good and benefit of a great destiny.

It felt: that the concern is over the surface, it shows the great hospitality of a man much.

It felt: worried that flew from his hand it die a peasant man and regret it.

And the vision of flesh stork construed farmer money, especially for those who eat it .

In all, the vision stork construed to four aspects: peasant man and the king is weak and strange and a poor keeper, and was known to the stork bird Balbllargh employers.

It felt: it devolves Bllargh woman because employers birds speak in Olvazam and women called Bllargh. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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