stoning: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi stoning:

Of a dream that he saw in it the stoning of anyone cursing man. Stoning and throwing in the offer only be an end to stoning, it shows Almarjom purity from sin.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Stoning to death: (See Stoning)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See stoning

The stoning is not Mahmoud, it is considered that it is one stoned stoned Asabh The reason for doing that to atone for sins or reward by the hated what he did

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of stoning

The stoning is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that stoned anyone Asabh it, and was told stoning construed in two ways: for longer harmful and Kidd and going astray, but because of stoning requires the expiation of sins, or shall be penalized by what he hates to do.

The vision of infants

The infant is not Mahmoud inter rights.

It felt: that his head trauma, it would be to pray, leaving the dark because it was narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him by the prisoners of the night saw a man satisfied with his head on a rock he said: What is this, O Jibril said this does not pray. Darkness.

The finding, it is felt in the thumb of his foot found the earth, it shall meet in debt out of him, the movie earned vice infects It was said that money is haraam, and was told the dispute was in and saw that it was found he did not accrue its needs.

Vision of chewing

The words of chewing it, it is felt that it chews Alka speak words long is not the result.

It felt: he chews something Vmzkh it if this thing gets him to talk to him get him to harm himself, although the damage was from Vlgerh.

It felt: that something of the animal from chewing luggage Vmzkh no good. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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