stick: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi stick:

Is a man in a dream Haseeb impervious, it is believed that the stick in his hand, it uses the hypocrisy of a man Hasib, and up to his demand, and he gains Bteke. If the hollow is leaning out the money go, but felt it was broken, and automatically isolate, and that God was going merchant trade. But felt it hit the ground, it overcomes the owner of that spot where he stood by and saw that it was a stick shift quickly died, and saw that the stick broke very sick, and saw that it was walking on a stick it is designed to ride the ship. Shows the stick to the commands and prohibitions, and victory over enemies and achieve the intent. Though the stick from the fronds showed abstraction, but of almonds showed the meridian, and that was one of the peach may be dead in his religion.
and perhaps shown the stick on the living or magic.
It felt that he hit someone with a stick, it simplifies it to his tongue.
It felt that it hit a stone exploded a stick of it, the water was sacked poor, but rich in his riches increased. Perhaps the stick man malignant religion because it is of wood, and wood man a hypocrite. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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