stairs: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi stairs:

Shows in a dream on the causes of height and dignity, and turnout in the world and the hereafter, and perhaps indicated by the stages of travel, and the homes of travelers that Enzlunha status status and stage by stage, and perhaps indicates the days of life leading up to the end, may indicate on a server the house, and a slave. It went up stairs is unknown, and arrived at the end, it was sick and die. But go down the stairs, the traveling feet of travel, though: head down on his presidency and the isolation of his work, although the passengers walked on his feet, though his sick woman perished, got it if it is the patient, the was coming to a place known or to his family and his home woke up from his illness, though coming to an undisclosed location, not does he know, or to people who had known them dead As above, but it was falling into a pit or a well hidden Aftersh to a lion or a bird was kidnapped by the stairs, the old days. And stairs if milk was good, although it was unpopular wage.Some of them said the stairs of the good, the first of prayer and fasting, the second and third and fourth charity, Zakat and Hajj the fifth, sixth and seventh Jihad Koran. All hypochondrial in charity if they are of clay or milk, if not the best of the bricks. And hypochondrial in the mud of the crown elevation of Izz with religion, and trade profit with religion, and that was one of the stones it the elevation with the severity of the heart, but of wood it is the elevation with hypocrisy, and hypocrisy, but of gold, the owner receives its countries and rich and good, although the silver it receives number beside each upgraded, although it receives from the small pleasures of this world. It rose upgraded benefited understanding and acumen rise to them. And it was said Zahid Abid-class man, and approached him and won the elevation Nska. Each degree of the governor of the state. And stairs to facilitate evidence-based things. If the wooden building has become the stairs indicated consistency in things, and what to cover, please jacket. And move up the stairs meted elevation rising gradually. And scores of homes in Paradise. And then he ascended the stairs on the number of years lived. And five degrees is the five daily prayers, what happened where the lack of it is in the prayers. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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