Spear: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Spear:

Show to see spears in a dream and discounts on the war and conflict, and show to challenge the symptoms and the loss of no man’s land. Seer and the triumph of his opponents. And spears peer King in the capacity of the state. And spears on the show polite corrector of the hypocrites and the people of warp. And spears aware of the tasks and the spoils solemn feast. And the spear in a dream promises of the lute, and channeled the cannula from, and written a mistake. Spear and a woman or child or a right or travel certificate. It is believed that the spear in his hand failed him was born a boy. If the spear in the Sinan and his son will be valuable to people. And refraction of the spear bug in the child. Algebra and all not break it no good.
It felt a spear in his hand, a passenger is in the elevation of Sultan Izz. The spear was attributed to the Sultan and then broken, the accident happens in his power. The brother was attributed to the disaster is, if this is broken and throw him could not be repaired, the repair could be cured of it there is disease or supervised to isolate and fix. And loss of teeth or the death of his brother’s son, and Mazraq as well. And the spear or the owner’s brother defends its owner.
It felt a spear in his hand as he walked by it on the market alive and a son, and the door behind him or covered his wife gives birth to the hand in progress. And spear without iron for a pregnant girl, and had a daughter that the number of girls holding spear counted if the seer.
It felt gave him authority, spear it in July the state. The spear was the banner of The mandate its reputation.
and saw a man stabbed with a spear, it will harm him with his tongue, and the appeal against the display. The king saw that his spear long until it exceeded the limit harm to his flock.
and saw that it was speared Vassell from the blood, it will be rewarded for what it gets from the batsman. It was said that his body healthy and do a lot of his money. Though absent he returned to his family safe.
and saw that it was wounded with a spear and intensified the surgeon, the Elmejrouh affects of Garah haraam wealth, the cut spear meat or a member became in the hands of the actor, it affects the Garah money hated religion.
and saw that it was a deadly enemy spear money it receives prohibited.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the spear

The spear he construed ways:

It is believed that the spear in his hand with a weapon other, it indicates the height of the mattress and get to be, although not with a spear it shows for a future or a brother was born.

It felt: that the spear is broken, it may be interpreted to near his son or his brother.

It felt: half shaft it construed a strange man who gets hold of it the benefit of, and was told the spear, however, passenger and Sultan Izz.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I saw in a dream as if my hand and I spear in the hands of Prince Mash said that ratified Chhdn to seeing you in the hands of the testimony of Prince’s right.

It felt: that the spear in his hand Vanksr it while in power. It was of the view that the spear is broken, then fix the supervised his son to death and then healed, and perhaps twice the seer, then things go back to what it was.

It felt: that he has a spear it alive after two years and a son, and be valuable to people.

Vision and refraction of the spear the boy’s death if not repaired or Balzaq bifurcation.

Vision and warp spear construed Im walking on the road non-rectum.

And vision to break the spear to isolate the incumbent.

And vision loss in the age of spear Tekas things.

It felt: he speared the detriment of the appellant contested and the extent of Balinkaah stab.

It felt: that he asked him to stab the blood of the shaft it is up to him a matter of words but will be rewarded, and perhaps see what he denies it or speak in a part which do not befit Boukhatrh. It was of the opinion that he speared him Vassell blood or other body, it construed the health and the large money, but was absent returned to his family happy this one does not see a stab of pain and blood was shed on the ground.

It felt: that no one known to be a spear stab wounds Otkhanh it affects the money haram meat cut spear or a member or a raw and has become effective, however, it affects the force of good.

It felt: that he stabbed a man with a spear and did not have Archie clip it fine.

It felt: he is fighting the enemy spear money it receives prohibited.

It felt: that he stabbed a woman with his spear, it is free of corruption.

In all, the vision of the spear devolve on nine aspects: power and Zafar travel, mandate and a woman and a boy and a lack of security and efficiency, as much as the presidency of the height.

Vision spearhead

The harpoon is a spear without, it is believed that the spear in his hand not other weapons it alive boys, although not a woman Farozk much good.

The bayonet saw with a weapon other it shows progress and high destiny.

It felt: that the king gave him a spear, he felt good and the benefit of it.

It felt: that the lance has been broken it shows him for the damage from enemies, and was interpreted bayonet and Mazraq one thing.

In total, the spearhead vision devolves on six aspects: the argument and the mandate and the longevity of the nail and the principality and the benefit.

Vision gear

As for the gear it is construed as ways:

It is believed that the shield in his hand with a weapon without it shows from the shelter and guarded him from the lesions.

It felt: that does not shield him from the other weapons it shows a considerable man guarding his friends and his brothers hated things.

It felt: fear that it is in gear and the refuge, which fear and caution.

It felt: that has a shield with him and there is no other and is based upon it is based on the protective friend.

And the men interpret vision gear, the gear had to be white and sponsors.

The gear was green be of fun.

The gear was red Vdhu Sadd.

The gear was black Vdhu Tkhalat.

The gear was Iblq Vmcar about a trick and novelty.

The gear was an iron Vdhu quite severe.

Some of them said that the gear indicates that the man from his father, lupus, and perhaps indicated by the large number of the alliance.

The Shutter Vtúl a woman, and perhaps the prevention and Aldriqh smaller than the gear.

It felt: it was Tatars Peters and corruption of the people swear by it null and void and take the Committee has no right gear for the verse, “They have made their committee” verse.

In all, the vision gear construed to six aspects: a brother and his strength and was born and security and shelter.

Vision Pin

The pin on the Faúl ways:

It is believed that the pin in his hand, it indicates that for a son.

But felt him kicking it another weapon of King of the benefit and a lot of good, and he gains the rank of the enemies.

It felt: he threw one pin he gives his words poorly against the person.

It felt: that wounded one pin, it wears him talk is innocent of it, and said OK Pin brother or server soft-hearted.

Vision Tabr

But it Tabr victory and glory and nail and the mandate of those who is qualified and has arranged to get that weapon from the Kings.

It felt: that it is safe from his hand Tabra insulation and other profit, and was full of Tabr construed Pkorh fertile. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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