Some Rare Dreams

Some Rare Dreams

Some Rare Dreams True dreams are rare, and each dream is unique, as we will find in this section
of this introduction. As dreams are thus complicated and vary in meanings depending on the source, the contents, interpretations, variations, manifestations, time, season, cultures, acceptable witnesses, elements, conditions, definition,
subject, phrasing, perception, purity, wisdom, and one’s own understanding of his dream, etcetera, it seems appropriate in this section of the introduction to illustrate some rare dreams and to help the reader better evaluate his dreams.

• Abdullah bin Omar, God be pleased with both of them, related that in his youth, he wished to see a true dream and to hear its interpretation from God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace. At that time, God’s Messenger (uwbp) used to ask
people ifthey saw any dream and he interpreted them accordingly. Abdullah once prayed: “Lord, if Thou reserves any good for me, then let me see a dream that will be interpreted by God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace.” One night, Abdullah saw a dream where two angels took him, and brought him before a third angel who addressed Abdullah saying: “You are a righteous man. Do not merely talk!” The angels then took him to visit hell-fire, which was folded up like a well. In it he saw some people he knew, but the angels pulled him away from them to the right. When Abdullah woke up, he told his dream to his sister HafJaa, the wife of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace. In turn, Haf§.a, God be pleased with her, related the dream to God’s Messenger (uwbp) who commented: “Indeed,Abdullah is a righteous man. It will be good for him if he increases his prayers at night.” Consequently, Abdullah was more regular about his (Suh/lr) night prayers.

• Abdullah bin Miilik AI-Klluzii’i once related: “I worked as a guard serving at the palace of the Caliph Haroon Al-Rashid. In the middle of one night, a messenger came and ordered me to appear before the Caliph at once. He did not even allow me to change my sleeping garment. I was struck with great fear. When we came before the Caliph, I was given permission to enter, and I saw him sitting on his bed and pondering something that appeared weighty. My fear increased. I paid my regards and waited for a long time. I prayed as I was shivering from fear waiting for a longer pause. Suddenly, the Caliph said to me: ‘0 Abdullah, do you know why I called for you?’ I replied: ‘Nay, 0 Prince of the believers.’ He added: ‘I saw in a dream as though a fierce looking an came and pointed a spear at my chest and said: Either you free Musa bin Ja’afar at once, or I will put this spear through your heart.’ I replied: ‘0 Prince of the believers, Let Musa bin Ja’afar go.’ I repeated this thrice. The Caliph then said to me: ‘Go and free him from prison at once, and give him three thousands Dirham as a gift. Furthermore, tell him that should he like to stay in this town, he is welcome, and we shall honor him. Otherwise, should he prefer to go to Medina, he has permission to do so.”

• Abdullah bin Malik Al-Khuza’i went at once, and delivered the Message of the Caliph, and gave the man the three thousands Dirham, then added: “You are a wonder. Tell me what happened!” Musii bin J a’afar replied: “I will tell you.  Lastnight, I was between sleep and wakefulness when God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, came to me and said: 0 Musa, you have been unjustly imprisoned.” He added: “Say these prayers, and you will not sleep tonight in jail.” I replied: “I beseech thee by my mother and my father, 0 Messenger of God, what should I pray?” God’s Prophet upon whom be peace, replied: “Say: ‘0 Lord Who hears every single sound, Whose act of mercy precedes every bound, Who clothe the bones with flesh and resurrects the people after death, I ask Thee by the glory and holiness of Thy Beautiful Names. I call upon Thee by Thy most glorious, magnificent, preserved, and all encompassingName which no one of Thy creation knows. 0 Lord, Thou art the Most Forbearing and Most Patient, have mercy on one who has no more strength to bear his sufferings. 0 Lord Whose generosity never ceases and Whose gifts cannot be reckoned, Lord, free me.”’ Musa added: “This is the result of what you witnessed. When Um Jareer bin AI-Khatfi was pregnant, she saw in a dream that she gave birth to a long braided rope of black hair. A soon as the rope fell from her womb, it began to go from one man to another and strangle them. UmJareer woke up scared from her dream. The next day, she related the dream to a dream interpreter who told her: ”You will give birth to a son who will grow to be a famous poet. His poetry will incur evil, hardships, vigorousness, and disdain.”When she gave birth to a boy, she called him Jareer, meaning a pulling rope in Arabic.

• The governor of Alexandria was tried once with extreme attachment and love for his five children. All five were steadfast in their religious commitment. One night, the governor saw in a dream as though his five fingers were cut off.
He woke up extremely disturbed and told his five children his dream. The children called in a dream interpreter called Shaikh Yusuf AI-Karbouni at once. After hearing the dream, Shaikh Yusuf, God bless his soul, smiled and said: “It is not like you think, but if I tell you the meaning of your dream, you must give me a good reward.” The governor thus obliged. Shaikh Yusuf, then said: “Are you negligent of your five times prayers?” The governor replied in the affirmative.
Shaikh Yusuf continued: “This the meaning of your dream, so repent to God Almighty, and be steadfast in your religion.”

• A woman said to Imam Ibn Seerin: “I saw myself in a dream sucking on a
date and giving my neighbor the rest to eat.” Imam Ibn Seerin replied: ”You will
help your neighbor by performing a little deed.” On the following day, the woman
washed her neighbor’s garment.
• A woman said to Imam Ibn Seerin: “I saw my daughter in a dream after she
had died. I asked her: ‘Tell me what is the best of deeds?’ She replied: ‘The
walnuts, the walnuts, you must take it out, and distribute it among the poor and
the needy, 0 my mother.’ ” Imam Ibn Seer’in replied: “If you have hidden a
treasure in your house, then dig it out, and give poor people their share .” The
woman said: ”You spoke the truth. I hid that money in the past, during a plague.”
• A man said to Imam Ibn Seerin: “I saw my hand cut off in a dream.” Imam
Ibn Seer’in replied: ”You have the habit of making false oaths.” The man obliged
and repented from his wrongdoing.
• A man said to ImamIbn Seerin: “Aman saw himselfin a dream piercing eggs
from the top, extracting the egg white, and leaving the egg yoke.” Imam Ibn
Seerin replied: “Let him come here and tell me his dream in person.” At three
different occasions, the man kept on asking about the meaningof that dream, and
ImamIbn Seerin insisted on the same reply. Finally, after taking a promise from
Ibn Seer’in, the man confessed that he is the person who saw that dream. Imam
Ibn Seer’in asked someone to call the chief of police and to tell him that this man
is a body snatcher who digs the graves and steals their contents. The man
immediately asked for forgiveness, repented from his doing, and promised never
to do it again.
• Shaikh Muhammad bin Isa al-Rikhawi of Aleppo, Syria, once saw in a dream
that God’s prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, came and gave him forty
camels. Shaikh Muhammad went to Shaikh Ahmad Shahabu Deen Al-Maghribi
and told him his dream. Shaikh Shahabu Deen replied: ”You will live forty years
from this day.” On the thirty-ninth year, Shaikh Muhammad visited Shaikh
Shahabu Deen who encouraged him to perform his pilgrimage that year. Shaikh
Muhammad died three days after his return from Mecca. Shaikh Shahabu Deen
led the funeral prayer and buried him beside his father. Shortly after that,
Shaikh Ahmad Shahabu Deen died and was buried in their vicinity.
• A man told Imam Ibn Seerin: “I saw myself in a dream digging the bones of
God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace.” Ibn Seerin replied, “You will establish
his traditions in your life.”
• A man said to the prophet Solomon, son of the prophet David, upon both of
them be peace: “I saw a garden filled with fruit trees. In that garden, there were
many pigs eating from its fruits, and a large pig who was sitting on a chair said
to me: ‘0 man, this fruit garden belongto these pigs.” Solomon replied: “The large
pig represents an unjust ruler, and the small pigs eating from that garden by his
permission are the scholars who receive their reward from him for changing the
laws to his liking. These are the people who sell the reward of the hereafter for
the price of this world and do not ponder upon God’s punishment for their sins.”
• Once a man saw a big tent and a poor man sitting under it in his dream. The
man under the tent was addressing a prince in Turkish and telling him without
bending: “One thousand shirts, 0 Iurlur!” When he woke up, the man told his
dream to a shaikh, who replied: “The prince in that dream will attain a great
kingdom.” Sometime later, a man was placed on the throne and was known by
AI-Malik AI-Ziihir, also known as Abi-Fiitih Iurlur. Rememberinghis dream, the
man went to AI-Malik AI-Ziihir and related his dream to him. Immediately, the
king AI-Ziihir ordered that one thousand shirts be distributed to the poor people
of that town.
• Adream interpreter once said: “I saw in a dream a man who was blindfolded
with a blue piece of cloth. I asked him: ‘Do you know what happened to my father?’
The man replied: ‘Your father is dead.’ Then he took me to may father’s grave,
where I felt the great loss, and I hugged it, cried, and wailed. When I woke up.
I told another dream interpreter, who was a friend of mine, about my dream. He
smiled and said: ‘Your father’s death in the dream means his longevity, and your
crying means relief from distress.’ I did not accept his interpretation of my
dream, for I knew better the meaning of wailing and mourning in a dream. Soon
after that, I visited my father, and my friend proudly reminded me of his
interpretation. Later on, I travelled away from home. When I returned to my
town, I passed by a graveyard. At the gate stood a woman who was guarding that
cemetery and whose eye was bandaged with a blue piece of cloth. I knew her, so
I stopped and asked her about the news. She said to me: ‘May God grant you a
long life. Your father has passed away.’ Then she took me to his grave, and I fell
on it, crying and wailing, exactly as I saw in my dream. Thus, my friend’s
interpretation did not come true, for he has no hand in it.”
• During a pilgrimage to Mecca, a shaikh was told in a dream that he would
die on such and such date. When he returned home, he held that dream to himself
and waited for the time to come. Once he passed that date stated in his dream,
he waited a few more days, then told someone about it, saying: “I would have not
told you about this dream, had the date not passed.” The person replied: “Perhaps
you miscalculated the date, or maybe it is a confused dream.” After returning to
his home, the shaikh died during that same night. This is the meaning of God’s
Prophet’s saying: “A dream sits on the wing ofa bird and will not take effect unless
it is related to someone.”
• A man said to his close friend: “Ifyou die before me, come and tell me about
what you met with.” The other man replied: “And you too!” After one of them had
died, he came to his friend in a dream and said: “Trust in God Almighty, and
depend on Himalone, for I saw no reward better than that of (Tawakkul) trust.”
• Once a man visited a cemetery. Looking at the graves, he said to himself:
“I wish that a miracle takes place and that some of these people come out and
tell me about what they saw!” He then sat beside one of the graves pondering,
when he was seized by slumber. In his sleep, someone appeared to him in a dream
and said: “Do not boast about the way you fashion the gravestones and how you
maintain the look of the cemetery. For under these gravestones there are people
whose cheeks have decayed. Some are blessed and are awaiting God’s reward and
His paradise, while others are distressed with their past and are suffering the
consequences of their deeds. Beware of heedlessness.”
• A disciple of Husain Al-Halllij once asked his teacher about the meaning of
generosity. Al-Halllij was killed before telling his disciple the answer. One night,
the disciple was depressed. In a dream, it appeared to him as though the Day of
Judgment was established, and that people stood before their Lord awaiting
their reckoning. Then he saw Husain Al-Halllij sitting on a seat made from gold
and encrusted with jewels and sapphires. He also saw the scholars who signed
the decree to kill Al-Halllij standing before him with humiliation. It seemed to
him as though God Almighty asked Al-Hallaj: “What do want Me to do with these
people?” Al-Hallaj replied: “Lord, I ask Thee to forgive them all.”My Shaikh then
turned to his disciple in the dream and said: “My son, this is what true generosity
is about.”
• Imam Al-Junayyid reported that he was once sitting by his doorsteps. A
blind man who was asking people to help him passed by him. Al-Junayyid said
to himself: “If this man trusted in God Almighty and sat on the corner of a street,
or at the entrance of a mosque, God Almighty will surely provide for him without
his asking.” Al-Junayyid continued: “That night, a copper tray was placed before
me in a dream, and that blind man was laid on it. A voice then said to me: ‘Eat
from the flesh of this man.’ I replied: ‘God is my witness, I did not backbite him.
It was only a thought, and my tongue never uttered a word of that.’ The voice then
said: ‘Remember, 0 Junayyid, such an excuse cannot be accepted from a person
with your level of knowledge.” Junayyid added: “In the morning, I sat at my
doorsteps again, pondering what had happened. Meanwhile, the blind man
walked by me and said: ‘0 AbaAl-Qasim, was it enough what you saw last night,
and did you repent?'”
• After Al-Junayyid’s death, a disciple saw him in a dream and asked: ”What
did God Almighty do to you, 0 Junayyid?”Al-Junayyid replied: “All the knowledge
went away, and all the thoughts disappeared. Only a few prayers (Raka’fU) which
we used to pray in the middle of the night (Su!J,flr) were of any benefit to us.
• Once Sufyan Bin ‘Ayeenah saw SufyanAl-Thawri in a dream and asked him:
“What is the special virtue that makes God Almighty love you?” Sufyan AIThawri,
God bless his soul, replied: “Knowing less about people.” Ibn ‘Ayeenah
then said: “Advise me.” Sufyan Al-Thawri replied: “Use what I have just told
you.” Ibn ‘Ayeenah added: “God have mercyon you. There are many good brothers
here, and each one. of them may intercede for his fellow brother on the Day of
Judgment.” Sufyan Al-Thawri replied: “I wish not to know you from this day on.
Have you seen harm coming from other than people you know?” Ibn ‘Ayeenah
continued: “I suddenly woke up crying from my dream.”
• Someone used to regularly recite special prayers and offer their blessing to
the benefit of the soul of Riibi’a AI·’Adawiyyah, God be pleased with her. One
night, he saw her in a dream, and she said to him: “Your gifts are carried to us
on trays of light and are covered with light.”
• Abu Al-Qlisim Al-Maghribi once saw Abdu Raheem Ibn Nablitah AI-Khatib
in a dream and asked him: ”What did God Almighty do to you?” He replied: “He
passed a small piece of paper, and on it I read two verses of a poem written with
red ink. It says:
You used to feel secured and at peace,
and today I will let you into My safety and peace.
Forgiveness is not conferred upon a rightful person,
but upon a sinner, as a kind show of clemency.
• Ibrahim AI-Khurabi once said: “I saw Bi§hir Al-Hafi in a dream. It seemed
as though he was leaving the Mosque of Ra&lifa. As he walked away from the
mosque, the sleeve of his shirt looked weighty, and something kept on moving
inside it. I asked him: ‘What did God Almighty do to you?’ He replied: ‘He forgave
me, and He was generous to me.’ I asked: ‘What are you carrying in your sleeve?’
He replied: ‘The soul of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal visited us yesterday, and it was
welcomed with showers of gems and pearls. This is the share I was able to gather
from that welcome.’ I asked: ‘What happened to YahYii Ibn Ma’m and Ahmad Ibn
Hanbal after that?’ He replied: ‘They were called to visit the Lord of the
universes, and they were welcomed with heavenly banquets.’ I asked: ‘Why did
you not eat with them?’ He replied: ‘My Lord knew how little I care for food, and
He allowed me to look at His Divine Countenance.'”
• Aman said to a dream interpreter: “I saw myselfin a dream bartering wheat
for barley.” The dream interpreter replied: “You have discontinued reading the
Qur’an to become a poet.” The man obliged and repented.
• A man was asleep when his friend brought an open pitcher of milk and a
water melon. The friend then cut a piece of the water melon and placed the milk
and the pitcher beside his friend’s pillow with the knife on top of the pitcher. He
then sat down and waited for him to wake up. When the man woke up, he told
his friend an amazing dream. He said: “I saw as though a type of fly came out
of my nose, and it stood over a knife before reentering my nose. Then suddenly,
I saw myselfwalking over an iron bridge that stood on top of an ocean.” The friend
smiled and told him what happened.
• It is related that AI-Mustanjid Billlih son of AI-Muqtafi saw during his
father’s life a dream in which an angel descended and wrote four times the Arabic
letter ‘H’ in the palm of his hand. When AI-Mustanjid woke up, he told the dream
to an interpreter who replied: “You will receive the Caliphate from your father
in the year five hundred fifty-five, and already five months and five days have
passed.” AI-Mustanjid became the Caliph as foretold by the dream interpreter.
• Aman bought a farmland. One night, he saw his nephew in his farm walking
over snakes. In the morning, he asked a dream interpreter about it, and the latter
replied: “If your dream is true, the land you bought is fertile, and whatever you
plant therein will come to life.”
• One night, a woman who lived in Mecca read the Qur’an before going to
sleep. In a dream, she saw maids of honor circumambulating the Ka’aba- and
carrying fine sheets covered with safflowers. The woman exclaimed in her dream:
“Glory be to God! Who are these women?” A voice said to her: “Do you not know
that tonight is the wedding (‘Urs) of Abdul-Azlz Abi Dawud?” The woman woke
up scared from her dream, as she heard a bursting noise coming from the street.
She inquired about it to find that Abdul-Azlz Diiwiid has just died.
• A man came to Imam Ibn Seerin and said: “I saw a big bird that landed upon
a jasmine tree in a dream, and he ate all its flowers.” Ibn Seerin’s face became
lalarmed as he replied: “Your dream means the death of scholars.”
• Once Imam Ibn Seerin was sitting to eat his lunch when a woman came and
said: “I saw a dream.” Ibn Seerrn replied: “Would you let me eat first, or would
you like me to stop and listen to your dream?” The woman said: “Eat first,” and
she sat waiting for him. During the course of his meal, Ibn Seertn said to the
woman: ”Tell me your dream.” The woman said: “I saw the moon merging in
Alcyone.” (The brightest star of the constellation Taurus, arb. Thurayyii. See
Alcyone.) The woman continued: “A voice then said to me: ‘Go to Ibn Seertn, and
tell him your dream.'” Ibn Seerin suddenly shook, and said to the woman: “Tell
me how did you see it?” The woman repeated her dream, and Ibn Seeri:n’s face
became grim. His sister who was then sitting with him at the table said: ”What
disturbed you, 0 my brother?” He replied: “This woman is claiming that I will
die in seven days.” On the seventh day, Ibn Seerm was buried. Dreams Interpretation
• Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal once saw God Almighty in a dream and asked
Him: “Lord, how do Thy near ones get to that station?” God Almighty answered: Dreams Interpretation
“Through reciting My words.” Ahmad Ibn Hanbal then asked: “With understanding,
or without understanding?” God Almighty answered: “0 Ahmad, both
with and without understanding them.” Dreams Interpretation
• A man saw himself in a dream falling down from a high altitude. When he
woke up, he said to himself: “I will avoid going out of my house or seeing people
for a while.” During the middle of the afternoon of that same day, a close friend
came to see him, and called him from downstairs. When the man stood up to look
through the window, the shutters broke, and he fell with them. Dreams Interpretation
• A man came to Abu Bakr, God be pleased with him, and said:” I was given
seventy leaves in my dream last night.” Abu Bakr replied: “It means that you will
be flogged seventy times.” The interpretation came true within a short time when
he had to face such a public chastisement for a sin he committed. Within that
same year, the man came to Abu Bakr and said: “I saw that same dream again.” Dreams Interpretation
Abu Bakr replied: “You will receive seventy thousand Dirhams.” The man said: Dreams Interpretation
“0 Imam of the Muslims! Last year when I told you the same dream, you said
that I will be flogged, and it took place, and this year you interpreted the dream
to mean that I will receive seventy thousand Dirhams!” Abu Bakr replied: “0 Dreams Interpretation
man, last year when you came to see me, the trees were shedding their leaves, Dreams Interpretation
and this year you are telling me the dream at the time when the trees are
blooming with new blossoms.” Shortly after that, the man received seventy
thousand Dirhams from a business deal.
• Abdu-Rahman AI-Salmi related that God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace,
united between Abu Bakr AI-Siddi:q and Salman Al-Farisr, God be pleased with
them both. One night Salman saw a dream in which Abu Bakr was involved.
Salman kept his dream to himselfand distanced himselffrom Abu Bakr, because
it. One day Abu Bakr saw Salman and said to him: “My dear brother, why have
you abandoned me?” Salman replied: “I saw your hand tied to your neck in a
dream, and I was apprehensive of it.” Abu Bakr replied: “God is the greatest. It
means that my hand is tied to spare it from wrongdoing.” Salman then related
his dream to God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, and added Abu Bakr’s
interpretation. God’s Prophet (uwbp) confirmed the meaning and praised Abu
Bakr’s good interpretation.
• A woman came to God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, and said: “0 Dreams Interpretation
Messenger of God, I saw in a dream that the central pillar which supports the
ceiling of my house broke, and the ceiling caved in.” God’s Prophet (uwbp) replied:
“Your husband will return to his home from a journey.” Soon, the husband
returned home from a business trip, and the wife was happy. While the husband
is in town, the woman saw the same dream again, and she sought to ask God’s
Prophet (uwbp) about it. When she did not find him, Abu Bakr was present, so Dreams Interpretation
she told him the dream, and he replied: ”Your husband will soon die.” Dreams Interpretation
In the first interpretation of the above dream, the husband was absent, while
in the second dream, he was present. The conditions changed, and the meaning
also changed. Dreams Interpretation
• A man hid his money inside his house and went on a journey. On his way
back home, he became sick. The man also owed money to some people, and he
thought of telling one of his companions about the place of his money and to ask
him to pay his debt, but he aspired for recovery and hoped to return home and
pay his debts in person. During his journey, the man died. His son saw him in
a dream and asked: “What did God do to you?” The father replied: “My condition
is in abeyance, and it depends on some debts that must be paid first. I have some
money hidden in such-and-such place. Please go and dig them up, pay people
what lowe them, and enjoy the rest.” In the morning, the son told a friend about
his dream and added: “It is a fairy tale!” A few days later, the father came back
to his son in another dream and said: “I have told you about something that will
benefit you and that will free me from my limbo, but you failed to do it!” The son
woke up in shock and immediately went to the place his father indicated in the
dream. When he dug out the money, he paid his father’s debts and benefited from
his unanticipated inheritance. Dreams Interpretation
• A man said to a dream interpreter: “I saw a bird flying off from my chest,
then I sought my mother who hid me inside her garment.” The interpreter
replied: “If your dream is true, then it means your death. The bird represents
your soul, and your hiding in your mother’s robe means your burial. God
Almighty has said: ‘From it We created you, and into it We shall return you.”‘
• A dream interpreter once said: “I saw a ruler sitting in a high place, and
people were looking at him. I interpreted mydream to mean the ruler’s death and
people’s deliberation of his work. A few months later, the ruler died, and people
engaged in talking about his deeds and judging of his work.” Dreams Interpretation
• A man said to a dream interpreter: “In a dream, I went to a pond to drink
some water. Suddenly, as I reached down to drink from it, a beast appeared from
inside the pond and tried to impede my purpose. At a certain point, I turned into
another sea creature and jumped into the water, then remained in that pond to
help serve the thirst of every person who comes.” The dream interpreter replied:
“If your dream is true, you will seek an appointment in the government, and
someone who is close to the ruler will fight you. Later on, positive circumstances
will manifest and allow you to attain your goals and to take the place of that
person. People will then come to you for their needs, and you will serve them with
honesty, justice, and compassion.” The man’s dream was true, and as soon as he
occupied that chair, he called for the dream interpreter and rewarded him for his
knowledge. Dreams Interpretation Dreams Interpretation
• A man said to Shaikh Ahmad Al-Far’onl: “I saw Prince so-and-so riding on
a high horse in a stately form and people honoring him.” The Shaikh replied: “If
your dream is true, he will soon be appointed at a high-ranking position.” Shortly
after that, the prince was appointed to the pilgrims’ administration.
• Shaikh Salim Bin ‘Isa once visited Hamza Bin Al-Habib Al-Zayyat, God
bless his soul, who had memorized the Holy Qur’an and read it with great
devotion, seeking God’s pleasure, and saw him crying and rubbing his cheeks
with dust. He exclaimed: “I call upon God’s protection for you. 0 Hamza, what
is this crying?” Hamza replied: “Last night, I saw in a dream that the Day of
Resurrection took place. The readers of the Qur’an were called in to stand before
God Almighty, and I was among them. I then heard an amiable voice saying: Dreams Interpretation
‘Only those who lived by the Qur’an should enter.’ I was in shock, so I began to
withdraw. A voice called my name: ‘Where are you going to, 0 Hamza Bin AIZayyat?’
I cried out: ‘At thy command, 0 caller to my Lord.’ An angel then said
to me: ‘Say: At Thy command 0 my Lord, At Thy command.’ So I repeated what
the angel told me to say. I was then led into an abode where I heard the voices
of Qur’iin readers. I stood there shaking. I then heard a voice saying to me: ‘Be
at peace. Rise there and read.’ I turned my face to the direction of the voice and
saw a pulpit made from white pearls. One step is made from red sapphire, and
another is made from green chrysolite. Then I was told: ‘Rise and read.’ So I did, Dreams Interpretation
and I read Al-An’am chapter, not knowing before whom I am reading. When I
reached verse sixty-one, reading: ‘AndHe is the irresistible Lord,Whowatches
from above over His creation… ‘ (Qur’cin 6:61), the voice then said: ‘0 Hamza,
Am I not the irresistible Lord, Who watches from above over His creation?’ I said:
‘Indeed. Thou speaks the truth.’ Then I read Al-A’raf chapter to its last verse, Dreams Interpretation
which says: ‘Those who are near to their Lord, do not disdain to worship
Him. They celebrate His praises, and bow down in prostration before
Him.’ (Qur’cin 7:206). As I intended to prostrate before my Lord, my Lord said:
‘Sufficient is the reading. Do not prostrate here.’ He continued: ‘0 Hamza, who
taught you how to read this?’ I replied: ‘Bulaiman.’ He said: ‘True. Who taught
Sulaiman?’ I replied: ‘Yal!Ya.’ He said: ‘True. Who taught Yahya?’ I replied: ‘Abi
Abdu-Rahman.’ He said: ‘True. Who taught Abi Abdu-Ragman?’ I replied: ‘Ali
Bin Abi Talib, the cousin of Thy Prophet.’ He said: ‘Ali spoke the truth. Who
taught Ali?’ I replied: ‘Thy Prophet, upon whom be peace.’ He said: ‘My Prophet
spoke the truth. Who taught My Prophet?’ I replied: ‘Gibreel, upon whom be
peace.’ He continued: ‘And Who taught Gibreel?’ I remained silent. He said: ‘0
Hamza, say You.’ I replied: ‘Lord, I cannot say that!’ He again said: ‘Say You.’ Dreams Interpretation
I said: ‘You.’He said: ‘You spoke the truth 0 Hamza. I swear by the Qur’an, I shall
honor its readers and particularly those who lived by it and acted with it. 0
Hamza, the Qur’an is My Word, and I love no one better than the people of the
Qur’an. 0 Hamza, come nearer.’ So I did, and my Lord anointed me with a musky
ambergris. Then He added: 0 Hamza. This is not only for you. I did the same to
your companions who are higher than you and to those who are lower than you, Dreams Interpretation
as well as to those who read the Qur’an like you and who seek no reward except
Me. What I have reserved for you is still greater than this. So tell your friends
about Me and about My love for the people of the Qur’an, for they are the chosen
and elite. 0 Hamza, I swear by My Glory and Majesty, I shall never punish a
tongue that recited the Qur’im, nor a heart that understood it, nor an ear that
heard it, nor an eye that looked at it.’ I said: ‘Glory be to Thee, 0 my Lord.’ God
Almighty added: ‘Who are the people ofthe Qur’an?’ I said: ‘Those who memorize
it, my Lord?’ He said: ‘Indeed. Such people. I am on their side until they meet Dreams Interpretation
with Me on the Day of Judgement. When they come before Me, I shall raise them
a station for each verse they learned.”’ Hamza, God be pleased with him continued:
“Thus, would you blame me if I cry and rub my cheeks with dust?” Dreams Interpretation..

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