soldier: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi  soldier:

Soldiers are soldiers in a dream God Almighty, they are angels of mercy. The person sees that soldiers eat Rizk king in his office, it follows the state. Without effort.
It felt that it proved his name in court, it receives good, he hopes enough, or receive less than what he wishes.
It felt like a soldier. If a patient dies, but is indicated on a cloud and losing, and for servants show that they Sickramon is that Iatqgua.
It felt soldiers gathered indicates that the support of Almhakan. Soldiers and the lack of evidence the nail. And see if the soldier was a whip in his hand or crossbow is indicated that a good pension.
in a dream and saw soldiers coming towards the Levant, or from Iraq or from Yemen, the evidence of the variation of the word. Armies and see the show of fear, the army of infidels was more a gathering of the Army of Islam in Valgelbh vigilance of Islam.And if the soldiers had with them a prophet or a king or a world united to support it. It was said that the soldiers of the believers victory and revenge of the oppressors.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Soldiers: (Angels; Travel) Soldiers in a dream represent God’s arc angels and the soldiers of mercy, while mercenaries in a dream represent the soldiers of punishment. Ifone sees himself as a soldier eating his meal inside the chambers of a king in a dream, it means that he will control a land without much efforts on his part. If one’s name is listed as a soldier in a dream, it represents his welfare, satisfaction, or that he will continue his education. If a bedridden person sees himself as a soldier in a camp, or that he is discharged from the army in a dream, it means that his illness will end in his death, or it may mean difficulties, distress and losses. A gathering of soldiers in a dream means destruction of the wrongdoers and victory of the righteous ones. A soldier carrying a scourge or arrows in a dream also represents good conduct. A count of one hundred soldiers in a dream represents the chastisement and calamity which God Almighty inflicts upon the people of the earth because of their sins at the conclusion of each century, or at the beginning of a new one. Seeing one thousand soldiers in a dream represents the blessed Night of Power which occurs near the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. If soldiers are led by a prophet, a king, a wise man, or a man of knowledge in one’s dream, it means victory for the believers. If one sees an army entering a town in a dream, they could represent rain. (Also see Night of Power) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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