Smoke: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Smoke:

Hall is in a dream and the torment of God, and the death of the Sultan. It saw the smoke coming out of his shop or his home, it is better and is located in the fertile after Hall and scandal, fever, and have it before the Sultan. The smoke was under as much as the meat cooks, it is better and the richness and joy after Hall bestowed. The smoke was something that has no stinky it is followed by ugliness and horror of scandal.
It is believed that the smoke was staying was starting with a fever. Suffers a smoke free in the winter and summer, it is worried and distressed. Hall and see the smoke great and heavy fighting, if it becomes inflamed affects people died miserably, but not inflamed gathered without war and strife without a fight. And smoke in a dream if harm people and overlaid their eyes was a sign of worries and Aloncad and injustice, or suffering from God courtyard or drought.
and perhaps Del smoke on the news of the party that emerged from them. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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