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To become a slave in a dream and it was free, and knew of Astabdh perhaps enslaved Bahsanh in vigilance, and perhaps indicated by the religion committed until it becomes a slave to those who owed him, or he has become a laborer. Received his master sold him the attribute and status, and probably occurred in the plot and shame, and probably received good analogy to the story of Joseph peace be upon him. If a slave became free in a dream, it indicates the ease after hardship, and deliverance from adversity, and eliminate the debt and cure of diseases. And slave are in a dream, and saw that it was Abdul afflicted them, and if you saw that it was sold afflicted tight, unless you bought it honors his wife. And women-free if the pair have become current in a dream, they get married. Also, if his wife sold it fired. It has become a slave owned by his enemy invincible and humiliate it, because the slaves when their masters Mqhoron.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Slave: (Bondman; Servant; Submission) If a free man sees himself as a slave, and ifhe recognizes the person who enslaved him in the dream, it means that he will serve such a person, or perhaps he may blackmail him. Becoming a slave in a dream also means excessive borrowing of money until one becomes a slave to his lenders, or that the compounded interest of his loans weigh heavy on his family, or it could mean reorganization of one’s business, or that he may work for his lender to repay his debts, or it could mean that he may develop heart problems, or any debilitating illness. If one is sold as a slave in a dream, it means that he will regain honor and dignity, or perhaps fall in a trap, for selling a free person in a dream means humiliating him. Selling a human being in a dream also connotes a good end, such as that in the story of God’s prophet Joseph, upon whom be peace. If a bondman sees himself free in a dream, it means that he will experience ease after he was subjugated to difficulties and hardships, or it could mean paying his debts, recovering from an illness, attaining one’s goals, or perhaps he may become a true servant of God Almighty, who commands good and forbids evil, establishes regular prayers, pays his charities and fears wrongdoing. Being a slave in a dream also means distress. Being sold in a dream also means worries, unless if the buyer is a woman, then it means that he will be honored and well treated. His value and comfort then will depend on the price he is sold for in the dream. If an unmarried woman is sold as a slave in a dream, it means that she will marry the one who bought her. If a man sells his wife in a dream, it means that he will divorce her. If one is captured and turned into a slave by his enemy in a dream, it means that he will learn something about humiliation and submissiveness.

meanings by Al ahsaai

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It felt that freed slave, it indicates the death of a person or for the good of mellowed is of the opinion that the servant, slapped it aged, and saw that it was speaking to the slaves or Hikhalthm it an increase in wealth is of the opinion that he sold his servant, or servant it they fall ill, is of the opinion that he bought the boy hit good and it was said and sorrow and are selling better than the purchase is of the opinion that he became a slave is sold and there is no goodness in it was humiliating poverty, albeit in the trial of the enemy, he gains it Dream Interpretation in Islam

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