slapping: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi slapping:

Caution is in a dream and the benefit of negligence. The woman slaps on her face D to the gospel of despair after the male child with him, says: {And a son Bashrōh Knowing, Voqublt his wife in the bundle and smote her face, and said: A barren old woman} . Slapping and injustice of those who did not Allatm harm him. Perhaps Del slapping on the diseases and calamities in the User Maltom.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Slapping: (Striking) Slapping someone on his cheek in a dream means cautioning him or warning him about his heedlessness. If a woman gently slaps her own cheeks in a dream, it means glad tiding of a son she will conceive at an advanced age, or after having lost hope in conceiving children. However, slapping someone’s face in a dream also could mean injustice, an illness, or cold. (Also see Slapping on the cheek) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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