skin: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi skin:

Rights is a jacket, and left him of his money in his life and his death.
It felt as if in a dream skinning a sheep skin dissection as it shows that his death was sick, but lacked the sound of diseases and exposed. Ghee in the body and the force of religion and faith. And if he sees his body as if the body of a living, it shows what stifles of enmity. The skin is a protection for humans and other, a man is a father and his mother, and his power and his wealth, and his house and his clothes, his wife and home, and well-being, and he falls sick, and his words and his faith.
and perhaps Del skin of human being on his enemy and his friend stirrer him, it testifies to the companion on the Day of Resurrection.
and perhaps Del skin on patience and glaciation in things. It saw his skin has improved in a dream indicates that the good and comfort and to heal diseases. Was dead and that his skin was seen as the Del Well in the bliss of heaven, and saw thick, black indicates that, in the torment. And dark skin in a dream indicates to leave the religion. Whoever is given a boy to guide newbies to carry coal.
It felt Negro women may Ocharfn good that it is supervised by the Sheriff to see them much, but they are the enemy of the genus. And red color. In the interpretation and relevance and Faraj. And it was said that he was with reddish whites received attributed the owner. And zero. Color disease. It was black and in a dream that he saw a white Faisiba double humiliation and distress. If he sees that his body and his face was red, it will be a long carefree. Skins and other animal inheritance. It was said: The king leather houses. If you strip the king skins people oppress it, and take their money. And splitting skin poet steals it from his hair. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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