shop: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi shop:

Is in a dream the man’s wife and his son, and his death and his life, his wealth and merit, and his nation and his mount, and his secret, the Anhedmt his shop in a dream, divorced his wife, or the difference of his son, or he died that he was sick, or loss of money or sold his nation or died, or the back of his secret. But felt his shop a new good smell If single married woman is valid or livelihood, and a son, though he was sick Awfi of his illness, and long life, and perhaps actually worth of expanded merit, or bought the nation, or pretty creature luxury.
and perhaps Del shop on the father and mother because they were the reason to find and food. What was known in his shop from the increase or decrease, or grandmother, or the demolition of the back of the shop it is indicated.
It felt that he sat in the shop, it will benefit good.
It felt that Onhedm his shop and his father or his mother or his wife in the event of illness, the patient dies. The shop of living men and Tzuge.
It felt that his shop sweep it turns it.
and saw that it was breaking the door of his shop, it becomes of it. Saw the closed doors of shops spread recession, saw the doors open and that God is pleased with how the trade. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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