Shield: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Shield:

Shows in a dream on the prevention of enemies, and saw that he weaves a shield he builds a fortress.
It felt that he must shield is a fortress.
It felt that wearing a shield, it affects the authority great on Korh vulnerable, safe isolation and escape from every cloud, even if a merchant it is preferred becomes to him by the trade list, security and conservation, and was a friend it is a cream given to those who hired him, keep those who turned to him, with good intensity, which is also for those who wear the grace of hit it from a man, and kept up in good times and bad, survive the plots of Alkaúd.
is of the opinion that by a shield of iron is immunity religion. And it was said to wear a shield hit the money and property. And D. Shield security from fear, and maintenance of the wife, money and benefit. The shield of women veil or a pair Istrha. Nawal and shield great authority. And wearing the shield shows the brother or the son of Shafiq back. And it was said shield and the king of money. And it was said that he was not of weapons such as gear covers and egg and Jawshan, chest and leg it shows clothing clothing, iron and forearms of two of his relatives, it is felt that it Saeidin it is strengthened by a man of his relatives. It was said that two men accompanied by strong great, and probably occurred on the interpretation of his son and his brother.
It felt it Saeidin of iron is born and strength in the book.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Leather shield: (Suit of mail) In a dream, a leather shield means the same as a coat of mail, though providing more protection. Buying a leather shield in a dream also means getting married. (Also see Armor; Coat of mail) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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