shelf: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi shelf:

In a dream indicates the keeper of the secrets, the curtain of the defects, and the venerable wife. And if he sees that he has Rafa topped everything from Jokes tools indicates that it is alive and born intelligent world art of all, or a woman is protected, a portfolio of his secret, dishonest in itself, and perhaps indicates the shelf on the security or the Partner Group in return for him and for the owner of the benefit.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Shelf: (Secretary) In a dream, shelves represent one’s confidant, the keeper of his secrets, one’s secretary, one who veils noble women’s personal pitfalls, or one who creates a facade for some charitable women. To see a shelfthat carries some unique or precious collectibles in one’s house or shop in a dream means that one may beget an intelligent son who is diversified and capable, and who will grow to become a renowned man of knowledge. A shelfsupported with rods in a dream represents a chaste woman who protect her husband’s secrets. A shelf in a dream also represents a trustworthy business partner who labors hard for the success of the business, and who respects and guards his partner’s interests. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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