Sheikh: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sheikh:

Grandpa is in a dream and Saad. If a woman sees an old man in a dream it is worldly.The young man saw an old man that he turned it gain knowledge and literature.Sheikh and the unknown demonstrates the glory and prestige. And Sheikh indicates that the Jewish enemy wants to loss of rights. And Sheikh Christian enemy agglutination his hostility. And Sheikh Infidel shows the old enemy hostility. The Sheikh saw that he became a young man proves his strength and capacity of his living. The Sheikh saw that his mother was generated by the patients is indicated by his death, though it was a poor wider. And Sheikh Saleh shows the glory and honor and livelihood and blessing and long life. And Sheikh pyramid illusion.
and perhaps see the Sheikh shown on the deficit and the failure and laziness and weakness. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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