snakes and scorpions

snakes and scorpions

snakes and scorpions by Al ahsaai See the snakes and scorpions

The vision of snakes and scorpions, it is considered that fight live, it addresses an enemy and victorious of them is victorious on the owner and lives of land more than the lives of the water and Sudha most of their eggs is of the opinion that a live bite the enemy bestowed happening to as much as the sting is of the opinion that he was killed live it he gains an enemy and saw live God is dead, it is sufficient for him and ordered him to live the king saw that it was not Atakovha authority as much as it affects those living in snakes, although the living of gold or if there are images which it owns a great authority, though a small white grandfather who owned it but did not seek his enemy is weak, it is owned by and in vivo small enemy of parents and other is of the opinion in his hands a living seeking laid hold upon his hand, it be safe than fear is of the opinion that fear alive not Ieanha the security of his enemy, the observed by it fall ill, fear of the enemy and it is damage inflicted by him and saw that the living speech it sees nothing surprised him and gain a lot of good, and saw the snakes in the cavities of homes they are the enemies of women, relatives and that saw the snakes out of houses they are the enemies of Alabaadin It felt alive in his home or on the bed it is his wife, an enemy to him and saw that it was a living out of his nose or his back or Ahalilh it is born to him and that boy came out of his ear or his stomach or his dependents in his anus, the enemy out of it but felt that living in his throat entered the note stated that he felt great and ate the flesh of a living, it affects the capital of his enemy and obtain joy and gladness Dream Interpretation in Islam

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