See the blood

See the blood

See the blood by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi blood

In a dream is haraam wealth. It is felt that Atdharj in the blood, it fluctuates in the haram money or a great sin. Saw blood on the shirt he does not know where it comes from him of lying Hathela feel. The blood stained Royqmas Senor tells lies upon the text. The blood stained shirt he tells lies seventh Sultan Azloum Gshawm. The stained shirt blooded ram should lie upon an honest man goes impervious, and obtained after lying haraam wealth as much as the amount of blood and its flow of the skin, but was absent came back from his safe return.
is of the opinion that the blood comes out of his body, and saw the wounds of his body, it affects the health of the body and increase the in money, but was absent safe and receive good, and land and pleasure. And if he sees that he drank the blood of human being and the benefit of it is money, and escape from every temptation, and the severity of the scourge. And it was said of the view that it occurred in a well of blood it is plagued with haraam money.
It felt a valley of blood in his place his blood be shed there.
It felt blood out of him in unintentionally nor cupping nor wounded, left the money as far as the blood that was his money, although the poor benefited like him. If blood was seen in a jar is stretched a cloth strap menstruation. And blood D on the life of the author and his strength of his wealth, and those who assisted and CMO of the sponsors or the king, and who concealed from the dress or up to the praise or condemn.
and perhaps indicated by the Ntafth which weakens the exit.
and perhaps Del alleged money and no man’s land to those who eat it, If it comes out of it in a dream of blood is indicated by excessive utility who was not happy from a parent or child or partner, or a lack of money, or sold some of his clothes, or the difference of it is difficult from the other or others. Human blood and demonstrates the devil of it being the blood stream, which is in his enemy. And excessive bleeding moodiness, and out when necessary in a dream and the demise of their comfort.Menstrual blood of women unmarried man, and fell pregnant, and desperate of menses disease.
It is believed that the blood smearing him come out of it is haraam wealth.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Blood: In a dream, blood represents unlawful or illegal money, or an evil act that will emanate from the person seeing the dream. If one sees himself dragging his feet through puddles of blood in a dream, it means that he will finance his business from unlawfully earned money, profit from an illegal business or commit a major sin then be caught. If one sees blood staining his shirt in a dream, it means that someone will lie to him, though he will not recognize it. If his shirt is stained with blood or pus from pimples in a dream, it means that a thief will lie to him. If his shirt is stained with the blood of a lion in a dream, it means that an iniquitous person in authority will lie to him and take advantage of him. If his shirt is stained with the blood of a ram in a dream, it means that a rich, noble and a well respected person will lie to him, and at the end he will consent to accepting corrupt money. Seeing blood flowing from one’s body or from wounds is a sign of good health, safety, or it could mean coming home after a long journey. Drinking human blood in a dream means money, profits, escape from danger, safety from trials and adversities, or it could mean committing a sin then repenting from it. Falling into a pool of blood in a dream means that one will be accused of a murder or of stealing money. If one sees a valley filled with blood in a dream, it means that he may be killed in that locality. If one sees blood emanating out of his body without cupping or cuts in a dream, it means giving money to someone. Ifhe is a poor person, then it means receiving money from someone. If one sees himselffalling into a cistern which is filled with blood in a dream, it means that someone is seeking revenge from him. Blood in a jar represents a woman in menstruation. Blood in a dream also represents one’s life, strength, wealth, business, helpers, clothing, earning praise or blame, weak points, unlawful food, lack of benefits, loss of business or money or esteem, inability to draw benefits from one’s usual close ones, such as a father, a son, or a business partner, separation through death from one’s beloveds or dear one’s, such as wife or a kin. One’s blood in a dream also represents his own Satan, or an enemy that dwells inside his house. Drinking one’s own blood in a dream means paying one’s debts with second loan, or vanquishing one’s enemy.


Bleeding naturally in a dream means peace and comfort. Excess bleeding in a dream means the opposite. The bleeding of an unwed woman means finding a husband. Bleeding of a pregnant woman in a dream means a miscarriage and for an elderly woman, bleeding means an illness. If one sees blood coming from his anus in a dream, it means that he is tainted with the consequences of an evil act, or it could mean a bad deal, or that he has earned unlawful money then walked out of such a deal. To bleed in a dream also means being a spendthrift, a money wasting family, or it could mean suffering from a venereal disease.
(Also see Vascular blockage)

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the blood

It felt that out of it the blood of non-injured it, if a position accepted bribes and covered in isolating if not Universal access damage and that saw the blood coming out of surgery Universal access are distressed and the loss is of the opinion that drink blood, it is to get money is haram and Ahrac blood unjustly is of the opinion that his body place out of it’s blood or pus Vltkh his body or clothes, it affects the money haram a capacity of but not stained anything it comes out of the sin is of the opinion that it comes out of his body, blood from a stab with a spear, it is true his body and do a lot money and that he was traveling Del for his safety and his return is of the opinion that it comes out of blood from his veins, it interpreted the lack of money in the amount of blood even if he is poor benefited a capacity of money and saw blood coming out of his penis, it indicates that his wife fell and saw blood coming out of the orchestrated hit his body or his clothes, hit the haram money and saw blood coming out of his teeth are afflicted by his relatives, and saw the place a river of blood or Mizaba liquid, it becomes the place of the shedding of blood is of the opinion that it came out blood from his nose, it construed obtaining money is haram and that blood was a little bit and did not see when he came out weaker it Faraj who are distressed and said to nosebleed injury treasure is of the opinion that Raaffh dripping in the way it leads ALMS on the project and saw that it was blood coming out of the same sadness and parting itDream Interpretation in Islam

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