Riyadh by Al ahsaai See Riyadh

It felt that he would enter kindergartens was the middle or hit them, it undermines religion and righteousness as much as it may be a K-Quran or books of knowledge and ways of goodness, it is considered that came out of the kindergarten Sikhh or so it comes out for the guidance to the misguided and saw that he ate the Riad it receives note and goodness

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of Riyadh

 Of the opinion that he would enter kindergarten, it enters in the heart of Islam and walking and to affect land and religion as much as Enzeth in that kindergarten, and possibly devolve Koran or books of knowledge, it is felt that seen in the kindergarten is viewed in the Koran, or written consent.

 It felt: that he came out of the kindergarten to the marsh or so it comes out for the guidance to the misguided.

 It felt: it eats anything it receives from Riyadh knowledge and goodness in religion.

 It felt: Kindergarten vegetation is not known, it devolves to Islam and religion.

 It felt: that in kindergarten, has been achieved it is his property was in any way it shows his worldly and religious purity of the belief.

 It felt: that he entered kindergarten are the property of others, then he wanted hiking entering it testifies to the righteous sitting with him and an argument with them, and either burned or uprooted or Absaa Vtaoelh also mentioned progress in the orchards, as well as if he saw the beasts or vermin.

 The kindergarten campus, which the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him has made its expression. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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