Scorpio: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Scorpio:

Is in a dream indicates the concern of bile and human stirrer. Scorpio man and gossip among the people. Scorpion stings and preferred to become human, and Scorpio hit the enemy Igtabh bestowed or hated. Scorpions and the burning of his house in the death of his enemies. The scorpion eat meat cooked or roasted, it receives money from the enemy gossip like old legacy, albeit raw, it is haraam. Even saw a scorpion in his shirt or his shop he is an enemy and they are in the lives of his earnings, though he saw her on the bed, he is an enemy they are in his family. But felt in the stomach to understand his enemies hands of workers. If they came out of the anus of his enemies or his grandchildren enmity lies between them. It is eaten raw scorpion detract evildoer. Scorpio and shows a man does not know his friend of his enemy.Scorpio and the enemy is weak vigor slanderer.
It felt that he was killed scorpion Bteke it gains control.
It felt that his scorpion bite people it man and incite the people backbite each other.
It felt almost Scorpio Bakrb it and not think a man as an enemy, not an enemy.Scorpio and fork tongue man stirrer.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Scorpion: (Calamity; Misfortune) A scorpion in a dream means distress, dismay and trouble caused by a chatterer or a backbiter. A scorpion in a dream also means that one may be deceived by someone with a scorpion quality, and particularly ifhe uses a short haircut around the ears in the dream. A scorpion in a dream also represents a backbiter and an enemy from within one’s family. If one catches a scorpion inside his own house and throws it at his wife in the dream, it means that he engages with a loathsome and a forbidden sexual relationship with her from the anus. If a scorpion attacks people in a dream, the scorpion there represents a homosexual. A yellow scorpion in a dream repre-sents a fierce enemy, though he would have more patience in getting at his prey. A yellow scorpion in a dream also means incoming money. Killing a yellow scorpion in a dream means making a good investment that will show profits. The sting of a scorpion in a dream represents the benefits one will receives and they will not remain long in one’s possession. If scorpions pierce through the walls of one’s house in a dream, it means the death of one’s enemy. A scorpion in one’s pants in a dream represents an enemy who blackmail or takes advantage of one’s wife. Eating a cooked or a broiled scorpion in a dream means making money behind the back of one’s enemy, or winning ajust inheritance case against one’s opponent. Eating an uncooked scorpion in a dream means backbiting a corrupt person. Eating a scorpion uncooked in a dream also means getting unlawful money. A scorpion coming out of one’s anus in a dream means begetting children who will turn enemies of their father. Swallowing a scorpion in a dream means letting an enemy inside one’s house. A scorpion inside one’s shirt or shop in a dream represents trouble and distress regarding one’s livelihood. A scorpion sitting on one’s bed in dream represents an inside enemy. A scorpions inside one’s stomach in a dream represents the enmity of one’s employees or children who work for their father. A scorpion in a dream also represents someone who speaks his mind and does not know his friend from his enemy. A scorpion in a


dream also represents an enemy who lacks determination or will. Killing a scorpion in a dream means that one will capture and destroy his enemy. If one sees something that resembles a scorpion but is not a scorpion in a dream, it means that he has suspicion about someone who is not an enemy. The stingers of a scorpion in a dream represent one’s tongue. (Also see Sting)

meanings by Al ahsaai

Scorpion Vision

(The Scorpion he is an enemy weak slanderer, it is believed that the scorpion for the capacity it Igtabh enemy and fall ill, it is hated, the saw did not Tsah but Khavha it Igtabh enemy and that was not afraid her it does not Igtabh it does not matter is of the opinion that he killed a scorpion, it gains control Bteke is of the opinion that he eats cooked meat, a scorpion, it affects a small number of money but it is beyond reasonable raw and quotes him as his enemy words Dream Interpretation in Islam

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