scoop: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi scoop:

Are in a dream Gahrmanih woman, her hands are on the expense of the funds.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Scoop

The Scoop they interpreted that the slave woman in the house to repair it.

Vision of money

As for money, they shall devolve on the ways:

Ibn Sirin said: money show discounts and frequent beatings and gossip.

It felt: that he gave Wlosa or found it shows rivalry with a rhythm and discord among them.

It felt: that with many Wlosa it shows in the decline of worry, distress and constriction of mind.

It felt: it takes money out of his house and thrown out of the home or take him to a Wlosa it shows salvation from worry and grief.

Vision of the passengers

But if the passenger is separate from the saddle if the child construed, and if it was connected Balsrj Born supported in all the works and the Secretary does not betray its secretariat.

It felt: that the passengers shall be inscribed with his son’s arrogant admirer of himself, though his son shall be coated with money Mgtra world, although it is semi-or copper shall be generated by a short little understanding of vigor, though iron is very strong and his son’s valor.

Vision of the sole of the horse

The sole of the horse with money it is construed in any manner whatsoever.

It felt: that Bitar Anolh such as quadrupeds, it shall be punished for his money.

It felt: Anal Dawaba that it travels and is interested in its proceedings.

Revelation Series

The strings it devolve Baloawan and chains weigh construed Boawan judge and interpreted, inter alia, in containers of money. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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