Satan: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Satan:

In a dream is the enemy of religion and worldly, wily deception, keen arrogant, does not care does not care about. And the vision of Satan joy and excess and lust.
It felt Satan person beaten it eats usury.
It felt that the devil is followed by the enemy tempted and Agoah.
and saw that it was conversing with the devil he is conversing with a man from his enemies.
It felt that the devil came down to him, it receives Avka and a sin.
and saw that it was headed the demons are his obedient won the presidency and the honor, prestige, and prestige.
and saw that it was under Devils won the victory and strength.
and saw that it was hostile to the devil it is a true believer obedient to God.
It felt Satan joy happy worked with desires.
and possibly shown to see the devil on the spies and Mstrgi hearing , or shown on the insults and slander.
It felt it had become a demon seven people and took the initiative for the trouble they caused. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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