Sapphire: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sapphire:

Is in a dream of joy and fun. It is considered that it is stamped rubies have a decoration. But felt that he had taken clove Sapphire and wanted to marry a beautiful married woman with a beautiful religion, says: {interpretation of the meaning} . It is found clove Sapphire Faiser the capital of the Persians. Many of the rubies of the world science, and the governor of the state, and the merchant trade. And it was said that a friend Sapphire rough template. It had a crown of rubies and coral, that pride and strength by a woman. Perhaps the Sapphire for the poor staple food gets to them, and perhaps the copy of the Koran, and was probably the patient’s escape from the fire, because fire does not work in rubies.
and saw in his hand lobe Sapphire red, the beautiful woman a severe heart loves him.
It felt his hand lobes similar to rubies and not Biaqot he claims honor and not Sharif.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Sapphire: In a dream, sapphire represents an honorable, noble, dignified, wealthy and a prosperous woman. (Also see Stone”) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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