Saffron: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Saffron:

Is in a dream indicates the praise good and beautiful if the male did not affect the color of the body or dress because it is good, although the impact of color, it is satisfactory to those who saw him. And grinding saffron disease. It was: saffron So what did not touch the body of Raiih. Felt that the grinding Zaafarana it works wonders in accordance with it. [See: Amber].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Saffron: (Aroma; Perfume; Stigma) In a dream, If dried saffron does not stain the skin or a gown, then it represents lauding someone, commending him, or speaking good of someone. If its color does stain the skin or one’s gown in the dream, then it represents an illness. Grinding the dried purple saffron flowers in a dream to use it as powder, or as an additive for making perfumes in a dream represents a severe illness, though many people will pray for the recovery of the person who is struck by it, but to no avail. It is also said that saffron in a dream represents benefits, except if it touches one’s skin or stains it. Grinding saffron in a dream means producing something one will view with pride and be amazed by its results, though again, one’s efforts will be followed by a severe illness. Grinding saffron in a dream means illness, exposing secrets, divulging confi-dential information, or it could mean deeds that will bring happiness, or it could denote studying, or acquiring knowledge. If a woman sees herself grinding saffron in a dream, it means that she is a lesbian, or a female homosexual. (Also see Miller) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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