Saddle: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Saddle:

Indicates that it is his married three women. The saddle is a woman or an animal or authority or money.
It felt that rode Srja victory in all his affairs and nail in all conditions.
It felt that it Srjh crash mortality or loss of his wife.
It felt that his wife divorced Srjh off or divorced.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Saddle: (Appearance; Burden; Control; Hamper; Impose; Money; Seat; Seat of authority; Woman) A saddle in a dream represents the end of one’s sufferings, difficulty, or bad luck, or it could mean planning a journey. Mounting a saddle in a dream means getting married for comfort and companionship. Descending from a saddled animal in a dream means repentance from a wrongdoing after excessive indulgence in its sensations for a while. An unmounted saddle in a dream represents a woman. Seeing a saddle in a dream also represents sexual intercourse. If a dog, a pig, or a donkey sits in one’s saddle in a dream, it means that an ignoble person will betray him with his wife. Riding with a saddled animal in a dream also means continuous success, or a growing victory. A broken saddle in a dream means death. To dismount a saddle in a dream also means divorcing one’s wife. (Also see Saddle mount)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the saddle

It felt that it hit Srja or marry a woman he was rewarded and felt that it adequately mg sins and perhaps this indicates that the fast

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the saddle

Saddle and construed aspects:

If on the back of the horse whatever saw it from Zain or Shin return it to its owner.

It felt: that he had bought Srja or gave it to him to buy a current or sermon woman with a lot of money and gets his money from the point of inheritance.

It felt: that it is broken Srjh his wife die.

It felt: that it has been lost Srjh called his wife and leave her.

It felt: that Srjh crowned with jeweled gets his money by a woman.

It felt: that Srjh decorated with gold or silver, his wife be impressed by the lofty weak in the way of religion.

It felt: that Srjh free from his wife, the decorations be valid and the secretariat of the same religion, and was told the saddle indicates chaste woman was rich and good riding saddle injury was money and the mandate of the injury, and is said to benefit an animal.

It felt: he rode Srja victory in all his affairs.

Vision bridle

Construed and bridle ways:

It is believed that the bridle horse is lost or interrupted, it indicates a decrease of honor and merit.

It felt: on the head of the gamma Kalkhjul it shows repentance, fasting, and avoided speaking falsehood as the Commander of the Faithful to the generosity of God and his face was afraid Vljammeh in his mouth. It was the vision of literature to those who interpreted the bridle in his mouth is and fix it other discipline.

In all, the vision of the bridle construed to six aspects: the honor and prestige and fasting and Scott, literature and dignity in things.

Vision hit the ball

And hitting the ball construed ways:

It is considered that hits the ball and it was the property he gains his enemies.

But felt that he hits the ball and it was colloquially contend with one and mostly because he gains from playing out whenever hit taken by the earth, and probably corresponds to the other and hear obscene words, and was told if the ball was one of the canopy of a man who interpreted the President or the world.

Vision Barzah

Barzah and construed aspects:

It is felt that rode on Brzah he repents of his sins after a long Tnamh it.

It felt: on the back Brzah it obeys his wife.

It felt: that it has bought bought Brzah ongoing.

Vision Alguetb

And server loads Alguetb Naffa Whatever saw it from Zain and Shane interpret the server.

Vision eras

And eras construed year, it saw a new eras and it is closely construed year blessing of fertile, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

And the vision of many eras welcome, and was probably construed eras who earned it eighty years to popularize the view of some commentators in the verse “to the Abuthain Ahkaba” and eras eighty years and was seventy years.

Vision of the steering wheel

Steering wheel and construed in literature, science and money. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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