Sabot: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sabot:

In a dream is the repentance of the Asi or quarrel or secret knowledge or show anyone who wants to mute.
and saw that it was walking in a glass sabot it hypocritical gossip bad health.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Sabot vision

The Sabot is subject to a Alagafo ways:

It is felt that it wears Qubkaba buy a new boy.

It felt: that disarmament Qubkabh it is between him and his master and the abandonment of evil.

It felt: that Qubkabh burned it interpreted the death of his servant, or the death of his master.

It felt: that the incident happened in Qubkabh it is interpreted as male.

It felt: he walks in the sabot, a new versed affairs in which the upright with his servants.

It felt: that disarmament Qubkabh did not see the impact or saw that it was doing something good if it does not matter remove it. It was the vision of Sabot construed hypocritical woman, and if he sees it Qubkaba construed as said the king to wear a woman like that is not worn it does not matter. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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