ruin: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi ruin:

In a dream indicates the diaspora included parents and their death. And the destruction of the city indicates the death of its king, or his crime, and the death of King demonstrates the destruction Almidna.
It felt himself in the ruins of it plagued Qom not afford them their own.
It felt that the city devastated by earthquakes or other, it is judged on a murder.
It felt village full of ruined, and farms disrupted the misguidance or misfortune lies of their respective owners, and saw her full of it, Salah the religion of her family.
and saw the world ravaged farms and houses, and saw himself in the ruins, with the proper body of the dress and the boat it is worldly in misguidance.
and saw the walls of the house devastated by a flood is the death of his wife.
It felt that his house fell upon, and there was dust is measles. Perhaps it was the fall of the ceiling catastrophe.
It felt desolate Amrana returned true, that Salah in the religion of the owner, and his return from misguidance to guidance.
It felt something fall from his home or his palace, home to home, and had absent, gave him. The house is demolished by the wind of death in that place to me by the Sultan unfair.
It felt that destroys a house or a structure obsolete Faisiba are evil.
It felt that his home Anhedmt it, and some of them collapse, the man die, or infect its owner outrageous misfortune or accident. The woman saw that the roof of her house Anhedm, it is the death of her husband.
cylinder is of the opinion that his house was broken or destroyed it dies or is some people who it is difficult, as well as every breaking or demolition of a house or a wall is a disaster. The Sultan saw that his home Anhedmt, that isolated after all. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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