Rock: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Rock:

Women are in a dream Alsaberat, and show firmness and stability and longevity.
and perhaps indicated by the oblivion of the verse: {Oana as to the rock, I forgot the whale} . The show’s cough and debauchery.
del rock and perhaps on its so-called human being. And the large rock in the country reflected the licenses if the word. The rock is indicated for the post was a long period.The Del The wife was content to patient and may del rock on what works Kalosnam him. Mountains and rocks at the homes of men who are cruel to them hearts. If the king of the mountain rocks and trees around it that the king pimp. The show rocks on the people of cruelty and negligence and ignorance.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the rocks

It felt that he came down on a rock, or professed rock is interpreted Ktaoal mountains and saw that it was transported stones it carries is difficult, and saw that a stone falling from the sky to the world, people were expecting a war and fighting, that the reality of their own or a disaster for them and only shall be in that position Grad or cold or wind, fond of a raid or the like, and saw that it was riding a stone if he charms married and saw that it was hitting a stone with his stick exploded him water if he is poor sacked or rich grew richer and may have been blessed with Hania and saw that it was stuck in his neck stone it fall ill fined and evil Dream Interpretation in Islam

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