Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Ribs in a dream women, because they are created from the ribs, the ribs and the protective cavity Hawwah Kalkhama and mayors.
ribs and possibly shown to the parents and relatives Almtfawtin in the pot and Age on their intimacy and love both. Indicate the ribs on the imported acts.
It felt prominent ribs under his skin was afraid of him the punishment, the grown up in a dream or thicken the meat is indicated by a living and the healing of diseases. And if he sees himself in a dream with no loss of ribs is indicated by the vigilance of the people or money, or was born, and perhaps his senses do actually believe that is a mistake. But felt that he ate the ribs become a burden on his family and relatives, or timber sold his home, or concealed from hot and cold.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the ribs

The ribs and understand the people of the house of the women, it is believed the increase was an increase in the people of his home and saw the opposite is a shortage Dream Interpretation in Islam

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