Recite the bees

Recite the bees

Recite the bees by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi bees

In a dream is the fertile and rich with the risk of those who was acquired. It is extracted from honey Alkuarh lawful money won. The honey taken and did not leave anything to solve it infringe on a people. And bees to the soldier evidence dispute. It is killing bees conquer an enemy, nor praise killing bees to farmers, because his pension from him. And bees demonstrates the scientists, to toil and collection. The bee man Ksub serious Naffa great blessing to those companions. The king saw that bee met him, but they bite people who are cooperating and injured them harm, even kill bees Infém it. Bees and see the show Neil principality and injury benefit. Indicates bees to the Army of Islam, as evidenced by the army of locusts on the infidels, as well as wasps, bees and perhaps Del employers to detect and see. [See flies.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Recite the bees

Al bees indicate the health of body and livelihood, and old love of science and a multitude Mustafa and his family was sick and that was healed

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of bees

 The bee interpreted by man it with a gauze face and earn the living, and was raised bees and construed graft and the large pond, and was told Nafa is a human being.

 It felt: it has infected a lot of bees or take it infects the spoils, the bees may be men of the people of the desert and Saaah or scientists or scholars, or the owners of classification.

 It felt: that the bees to bite it construed obtaining tired old money.

 It felt: that Nhla eat it stores his money for his family.

 It felt: it kills it Nhla construed obtaining a loss as far as murder.

 It felt: that he extracted a bit of bee houses, it construed the darkness of his flock if he does not Aazh and meeting it with the power to interpret that the people of his hometown of collaborating him and wounding him harm, the killing of them, it construed to deny the people of his town.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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