Rawd: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi

Rawd: Rawd: Riyadh saw the Greens in a dream that does not know the essence of Islam and the religion they are. And all the greenery in the ground. It was of the view suddenly hit kindergarten. Although it was considered dead in the kindergarten is well in paradise.Indicate the kindergarten to the world and its adornments, and the wife of the many money. And K unknowns may indicate everywhere Fadhil obeyed God when a burial of the Prophet peace be upon him and zikr and conciseness of the good and the graves of the righteous, and may indicate the kindergarten on the Koran and a book of science and wisdom, and perhaps indicated by the Paradise, it got out to the land of marsh or out of the year to the next fad or to the act of sin.
It felt himself in kindergarten It eats them, and was at the time of Hajj, or he was authorized, the pilgrimage, and saw the infidel that the safest, or saw the guilty repent, or else he is doing good is doing Khoudor Friday prayer or funeral. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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