raphe by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi raphe: Indicate his vision in a dream on the goodness and payment, medicine and healing from with things, and perhaps indicated by the tissues and embroidered.
It is believed that the roughness his wife looked from her dress Vestrha Balrfa is thrown Bakbih, then apologize without excuse.
It felt that Arvo his clothes, then argue with one of his relatives, accompanied by those who do not good in it. Raphe and the discounts. It was: Alrvo back on sin. And it was said apology unlawfully.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision raphe

And raphe construed antagonism or charge.

It is it considers that: that he Arvo something it testifies to the rivalry and the charge and gloom and blame.

It felt: that Rafa dress his mother or father after it emerged Aourthma Eensphma to obscene and then apologize to them of lying, and Rafa argue with the same dress and accompanied by some relatives of no good.

Vision waterskins

Allantois and interpreted religion, it is believed that the irrigated water, he had saved for him, it indicates to collect money for himself and his living and his wealth construed on the amount of water clarity and abundance and so kind and I have said.

It felt: it has become watered Saga and people without greed or desire, it shows willingness to take the path of religion.

It felt: that over the water to the house of others it shows to raise money for others did not get to him that the benefit is not good but what to eat and have his money in the apportionment of the others, and was told allantois that people ask as derived by it a man of righteousness, and pure. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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