rainbow by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi rainbow Shows in a dream, for security from fear. He saw the red indicates that the predominance of blood in that year. If he saw a yellow indicated by the disease. If he saw a green indicated the safety of drought and Gore Sultan. And it was said of it saw a rainbow to marry and that poets are like by women. If a person sees a rainbow right and left it to the poor and the rich fertile Directory fleeting intensity. Arc and the clouds in a dream indicates the appearance is odd, and perhaps indicated by the movement occurring in the military, he was with the thunder and lightning was an enemy appears and preparing people to meet him.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Rainbow: (Fantasy; Illusion; Pipe dream) In a dream, a rainbow means peace and tranquility. If the red color is dominant in the dream, then it means witnessing bloodshed during the same year. If the yellow color is more dominant in the dream, it means an illness. If the green color is more dominant in the dream, then it means safety, peace and tranquility. A rainbow in a dream also means marriage. Seeing a rainbow over one’s right side in a dream means blessings. Ifit appears on one’s left side in the dream, then it means prosperity and a good harvest. As for poor people, seeing a rainbow on one’s right side also means richness, while for a rich person it means short lived difficulties. A rainbow in a dream also represents wonders, or a military coup. Ifthunder accompanies the rainbow in the dream, then it means war.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the rainbow

Of spotted yellow indicates the cause and the disease affects people of that place, and he saw red indicates war and bloodshed among the people of that place, and that he saw a green indicating prosperity and grace in that place.

It felt: red mark in the sky such as the column gets to the king, who thus place strength, and that was black Dd be construed so.

Vision of Lightning

Of lightning he saw the great fear for him and the people of that land to the verse “He who showeth you the lightning for fear and hope.” It was said that lightning keeper of house of the king.

It felt: it was taken from the lightning thing required is that he may attain the good and benefit, and the work of lightning always be a blessing in that year a lot, especially if hp with the wind light, and was lightning stockist House King promised reproach, mercy, and a straight path. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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