rain by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi rain Is in a dream if it did not happen and it does good damage livelihood and mercy.
del rain and perhaps to human life and the earth, or to accomplish what it promised rights. The rain was a special place known grief his family is indicated by, or on their displays to behind me. Years, although the rain was harmful if it rains blood or stones it shows sin. The seer was traveling may disrupt travel.
del rain and possibly beneficial to peace with enemies, or at ATD. And rain, a convoy of camels and the camel caravan is the rain.
It felt rain-year-old live is something that is dead, and receive good and the grace and blessing, and that was in distress or Faraj owed ​​him. Faraj and rain and Ghias in that year.
It felt rain in a private home without the benefit of people and won the good and dignity.
It felt rain wanders from each side and it takes off the trees and the destruction of sedition by the Sultan. If it rains the ground and blood is torment. And if the farmer is the Gospel of rain and fertility bestowed. It was said that if the rain was dust without dust is fertile. If the rain honey is better for all people, as well as whether or Smona to us or oil and the like. And the rain shows mercy of God and his religion and his private parts and aid.
and perhaps indicated by the pandemics descending from the sky like locusts, hail, wind, especially if the fire was one hundred hot.
and perhaps indicated by the strife and blood shed, and perhaps indicated by the illness and with things if at the wrong time. The rain was in the early to disable it for travel or work, or for the patient, or because of his poverty, or locked up in prison.The wash in the rain from janaabah. Or purified by prayer, or washing by the impurity was in his body or clothes, it was a kaafir becomes Muslim, though he is guilty he repented, though poor, enjoined of God, but his need at the Sultan spent it.
It felt that the sky rained swords, people afflicted controversy and dispute.
It felt that drink of water, the rain was a good hit descriptive, though Kadra disease hit as far as drinking water. [See thunder, and see the sky. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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