quince by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi quince  Is a disease in a dream.
It felt that he was sick and eat it heals. Even eat the wellness guided, though a merchant profit.
and saw that it was pressed Sfaragla it travels in the trade and gain much profit. The quince tree man firm. It was quince poorly in a dream because of what caused the seizures. Quince and green better than yellow. And quince shows the travel of Galilee, and perhaps indicated by the scarcity and keeping secrets to hold it and grip. Indicate Ambassrgelh beautiful woman on task. The quince may dislike the most commentators, and said It is a disease of the large number of yellowish color, and because of the arrest.This is indicated on the travel, and people said It is the reality of travel, and some of them said It does not travel well in it. Some of them said that Mahmoud quince in a dream for those who saw him in any case he saw. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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