Grain outline vision

Grain outline vision

Grain outline vision of Al zahri Grain outline vision

 Vision of grain, whether cooked or uncooked devolve their distressed and squandered the land shall devolve Peixadha, save, and saved in terms of the sentence indicates the excessive price.

 It felt: that in a bit of grain Sosa or a fire or something like that it is construed to increase the price.

 It felt: a bit of grain in the hands of one that was dead and gave him love it construed licenses.

And the vision of mustard and black bean or the like of grain beneficial drug construed quite good and does not, and perhaps the patient’s health and well-being .

 It felt: cereal mixed with each other, it is construed as confused in speech so that the listener does not differentiate between what he says, has a vision, some hate it because it is difficult when some of Tawheed.

And the vision of mixed grains cooked if not too bad, because Ashura grain of goodness and blessing .

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