Eye vision

  Eye vision

Eye vision of Al zahri Eye vision

Saw the kind of pure fresh blisters are interpreted much cream man Jalil Jawad, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that overflowed in kind to a place and did not have so it is usually construed scourge to the people of that place.

It felt: that he wiped the water from that to something of its members, it Faraj who are distressed.

It felt: that the current location and kind usually have this, have increased the limit, it’s okay to interpret the people of that place and get a blessing for them, but decreased from what it is unusual to him against that.

It felt: in kind may place it withered the demise of that place large.

It felt: a kind pure and praised the appearance, it devolves live a long life and Hene.

In all, the vision of the eye shall devolve on five aspects: altitude and the amount and distressed disaster, disease, and long life.

It felt: kind of broke his fall ill, it is grief by women, but to the best consequences.

It felt: our awareness of the cropped wall was inspired by the men relatives and friends.

It felt: delighted eyes and came out of her house filled with water until it comes out of all concerns, and perhaps sorrow for the people of corruption because of the health of the body if this were not under way, the going was good, a blessing it is to the verse, “which was appointed under way.” It was the view of a spring of water is obtained, it exploded.

It felt: he drinks water from a gushing spring it fall ill, they are.

It felt: that stream of water upon the eye, was the main concern Farajallah worried or afraid of God or the security of the patients recovered in debt or spent or was guilty, Allah will forgive his sins.

It felt: it is pure consciousness, the good life took place in the homes they are life to the public, and that took place in high places are the properties of life, though it took place in the desert life of the Arabs.

It felt: kind of exploded, where it can fall ill, explosion eyes are weeping and mourning, and severe, though he had a patient death and runny eyes in places where it devolves deny Silaa stream of tears and crying.

It felt: net being kind to his home, including the amount of income it is known and the best is brought to him.

It felt: that the kind under way blocked or disrupted it disables his livelihood and the support case.

It felt: in kind taking place in the net means something Vtobeirh as an expression of the above in separate rivers. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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