cyclist by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi cyclist

Of this word has two meanings The first is a Persian woman in a dream. And it was said that he owned, it is felt that taking a bike he married a Persian woman, hit or owned by the King, or found money. The man left the cyclist.
It felt that it hit the bicycle affects woman treacherous traitor is no good in it. And the second part, in a dream and the strength and the back support, and a woman in the splendor and beauty.
antiques and saw that it was done with wrapper and then marry a woman he slept.The bike felt from his wife Pearl, the portfolio of the book of God Almighty.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of cyclist

The cyclist and he mentioned a man treacherous and perfidious woman female partner, and was told cyclist gets money by deception and haram meat was a rich woman cyclist money.

It felt: that his riders died in his house, and it shows the death of his wife or for a disaster because of it.

It felt: riders flew it called his wife, and was a woman cyclist and was owned by a Persian.

In all, the vision rider construed to four aspects: a woman and it is haraam, and living and for Murad. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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