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convert things

convert things by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi convert things

If turned things about Mahodha Kalknysh which turned into a mosque or tree land that has become a productive, this indicates the change employers’ positions, or different state of the world from evil to good, and good to evil, as well as the transfer of prey from Jawahrha and individuals for pictures, it is felt Mokthl it, was not well, that Salah in his religion, and his dignity and an increase in his honor.
boy and saw that it was not good in any case in which it aspires and act ignorantly.Even saw a woman as old or half and not as well as he Salah in religious and worldly terms.
and saw a man seen in a dream has become a young man, it was a poor sacked, though who it goes about worldly affairs returned to him by definition, although the patients had recovered from his illness.
It felt it has become a branch soft beautiful it dies quickly.
It felt that long in a dream, the life goes on and have the money and the children, is of the opinion that it falls short sold his house or his horse, or one of the benefits to him, may fear that he should die.
and saw decreases in any of his creation, the This decrease in worldly affairs.
and saw that it was in the form of a woman and her beauty Faisiba submission and humiliation in the same calamity, but to see it returned to the same. And it was said that he was in dispute Vlasaleh his opponent, the argument, therefore, win the favor of his need. The woman saw it become a man, and was a son away I called him, though she was pregnant came a son, and were not pregnant, they do not give birth to a son at all, although I was born and a son died, the boy before reaching, and perhaps went interpretation to its values ​​or its owner, and has been mentioned in the people, and honor as much as the male bone. It is impossible for his body in a dream to a body of animals, seven were shed on without him or his money Bsultana and the severity of his clothing or in deception and deception. The animal was to be eaten or is indicated by the finest Mhanth.
and saw for himself or wing feathers, this presidency and good fall ill. But felt that the fly wing, it travels in travel as far as Sultan Astaly on the ground.
It felt that his body became a pottery there is no survival.
It felt that he became of age, the long iron.
It felt that he became a bridge or arch expressed by the people, it becomes authority, or the owner of the Sultan, the Sultan or peer, or a world of scientists, reached by people in their own affairs.
and saw that it was a stick shift is not good, it is corruption in the religious and worldly, but be tired in this world. But felt that it also became a scepter, but it does not receive what he asks in his integrity or his request. But felt a sick child has become a bird, it is evidence of his death.
and saw that it was a monkey or a monster, that likened him to the demise of the grace of God Almighty.
and saw that it was turning a camel or an animal or seven, and so there is nothing good in a particular religion if at all. But felt that turning a bird, it would be Ciara in the earth’s books, and be living in this world like the lives that bird.
and saw it turn the beast he dies the Muslim community and Iatzelhm.
and saw that it was a turning fawn it affects the pleasure in living with women.
and saw that it was a turning pigs fertilize the living, and to humiliate himself.
It felt that it become a spider worshipers repenting of the sins of many. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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