companions of the Prophet peace be upon him

companions of the Prophet peace be upon him

companions of the Prophet peace be upon him by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi companions of the Prophet peace be upon him

Saw them in a dream of the good qualities that was good evidence of his belief in them and his followers for their year.
and possibly seeing them shown on the movements of soldiers and send missions.
and may indicate the spread of science and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. As evidenced by their vision of the intimacy, love and brotherhood, assistance and safety of enmity, envy, rancor and the demise of the breasts, because they were, God bless them for that. The seer was sacked because they are poor, God bless them opened states. The seer was preferred to a rich world and the Hereafter, to make himself and his wealth in the pleasure of God Almighty. The show vision, God bless them on buildings such as mosques and the purity of the noble lineage, tribes and clans. Is indicated by turning away from the seer or insulting him in a dream to fall in all disputes between them, and preference for each other, and hatred to him, and show their vision to repent and give up what only God Almighty. Demonstrate their vision, God bless them for good and blessing as their homes and destiny known in their curriculum and their own way.
and possibly shown to see each and every one of them on what was revealed, and what was in his days of trial or justice.
It felt that he was stuffed with the companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him it is those who ask uprightness in religion.
It felt none of his companions Fletol Balachtakkak like Saad and Said it would be happy. And may have had of his life and his actions share.
It felt none of them alive, or that all of them alive, his vision has shown the power of religion, and showed that the vision and attributed the gain honor and ordered him to override. The saw has become like one of them receives from hardships and then kicking the nail. And that he saw in a dream repeatedly narrowed his living. The supporters and their children and grandchildren Their vision in a dream indicates repentance and forgiveness. Shows good vision immigrants certainty and confidence in God, and depart from this world and asceticism which, honesty in speech and action. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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