Church by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Church

Indicate in a dream of science and asceticism and the fear and crying, and perhaps indicated by the worry and bile, lying, slander, libel, or heresy, recreation and intimacy, and indicates the ruling unfair. It is income to the church in a dream and was a bachelor, married, a son or livelihood, or after the guided him astray, especially if the prostration of statues, or Share in sacrifice, or was in the middle belt.
and possibly shown to the church shelter demons. Jeddah and the Church and the height of a sign of weakness in religion. If a person sees that his house his home church, the society people of whims and fads and sin. And the church shows the cemetery and the wine shop and house, singing and knowledge of the prison. It entered the church and saw the dead, he is trapped in the fire with the people of disobedience. [See the monastery.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Church: For a Christian person, seeing a church in a dream signifies a house of worship, religion, knowledge, devotion, work, ascetic detachment, fear of


wrongdoing, penance, lamentation and it could mean crying. A church in a dream also could mean distress, trouble, slander, innovation, injustice, a business club, a meeting house, bingo, wine, alcoholic consumption, commun-ion, weddings or a wife. In a dream, a church also can represent its parish, diocese, ministry, clergyman or a chaplain. If one sees a church turned into a synagogue, or a synagogue turned into a church in a dream, it means mistrust, an argument, or a scheme for tax evasion. Seeing oneself in a synagogue in a dream means that one may become a Jew. If one’s house turns into a church in a dream, it means that he will bring its business to his house, or it may mean a fight with one’s boss. Seeing a church in a dream also denotes a cemetery, confession, a prostitute, a music house or a place of confinement. Ifa woman sees herself attending a wedding or a funeral service at a church in a dream, it may mean the same in wakefulness. (Also see Cincture; Temple) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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