Christian by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Christian

Is in a dream victory. And Sheikh Christian believes his evil enemy.
and saw that it was a Christian heresy, it is similar in the opinion of the Christians.
It felt that he was born to him Znara said.
and saw that it was called a Christian, a hater of him survive it is worried about him.Christian man and his affection, says {and find their closest affection for those who believe Christians who say} . And support of Christianizing and Christianity indicate wine bottle, a fire or fire, or pigs, and the Christians in a dream the enemies of friends in the picture.
and saw that it was a Christian, and has a trial, it supports falsehood.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the Christians

As Christians, they shall devolve on the ways:

It is felt that it became a Christian because it demonstrates the way in innovation and misguidance and lack of belief in the religion of Islam.

It felt: it is a Christian he gains on his opponent if he has a feud with Christian because the derivative of the victory.

It felt: a Muslim become a Christian, it delivers fast or die sooner.

It felt: that he and the basicity with the Christians, it would be loving to them and tend to them every mile. It was seen from a Christian and was in the war, it conquers.

It felt: that a Christian has changed his religion to the religion of the other it is not to interpret his behavior in the way of his religion as it should.

It felt: that the Christian thing to do may not be in the religion of Islam, such as climbing a lighthouse or a platform or the like Fidel for his misfortune and the inauguration of no religion in this place a ruler and the emergence of novelty Asthakar his family there, and the religion of Islam.

It felt: Christian entered the campus, it delivers what he is afraid he will be safe and warns.

It felt: as if he became a Christian it inherits his uncle or aunt of the people that was good, although it is the people of corruption, yes, it construed a disbeliever of Allaah, and he describes what is perhaps his Mottagds Park. It was of the opinion that he became a Christian and what is eaten before him did not eat it, it indicates that the perpetrator commit immoral actions are not satisfied with the apportionment of God to him.

The Crusaders, they interpret the victory with his private part and also to those who saw them.

It felt: it has become Afranjia he commits heresies and increases in tyranny because of the people of war and tyranny, and ignorance.

The Armenians Vtobeiarham in all conditions as provided in the Christians, but increase them for those who felt that Armenia became ill manners.

The monks, it is felt that it became a monk in his innovation innovator excessive for the verse, “The Congregation of what Ketbnaha invented them,” verse. Perhaps his vision showed the commission what he may not continue and it.

It felt: that he became a monk and was trustworthy, it is frequently interpreted the reverence and the fear of God Almighty for saying “you and your wing Admm Alrhb of” a fear. It was the vision of a man who interpreted the monk wily deception innovator. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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