cats by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi cats

Server is in a dream. It was said that a thief of the people of the house. It was a female from a bad woman deceiving. The cat bite or scratch it gets sick, though cats and is the most brutal.
It felt that it sold HRH spends his money. It is eating the flesh of Senor learn magic.
It felt that it turned Sonora lives of stalking.
It felt that enters Sonora entered a house in this house thief. And the cat in a dream indicates that the book says {They said our Lord hasten to us our cotton a day before the account} .
and perhaps Del the cat on the staleness wife and children, and strife, theft, adultery and failure to meet, and eavesdropping and innuendo and insults and noise, and perhaps indicates that the child of adultery and bastard, and demonstrates the rights to the hearts of people Altbb Balnt and dance. Agreed, the cat and mouse, or the wolf and the lamb was a sign of hypocrisy and flattery, or to justice in the parish.
and perhaps shown Pussy on women keen on raising children and disciplining them.The cat scratched a human being is indicated by an enemy Mujahid. Civet cat in a dream to see a function of the countenance the wicked man and morals of the good guys.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the cats.

As for cats it is a thief, it is believed Sonora entered a house, it enters a thief, the gold cat something it goes the thief something there and saw that it was the slaughter of Sonora or kill it infects a thief or he gains it, and saw that it was struck from the flesh of cats and fat, it affects the money the thief or of the steal It felt that the disputed Sonora even scratched or fall ill, it dealt with a long illness and then discharged or are severe, then released, although cats knock is acquitted of his illness or sooner if his main concern was the cat and it is the most brutal in sickness and distress Dream Interpretation in Islam

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