Dream symbol starting with Letter L


Measurer Measurer by Ibne serin Measurer: (Balance; Corn measurer; Measuring controller; Quantity surveyor; Scale) In a dream, one who metes out or dispenses measures and weights represents a ruler, a leader or ajudge. Ifhis measurement is exact, it means that he is ajust person. Otherwise, it represents a tyrant. Ifone is given a scale for measuring, …

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Martingale Martingale by Ibne serin Martingale: (Pith) In a dream, a martingale represents braces for a broken rib, bone setting, ointment for chest pain, the support by which one finds courage, feeling good about oneself, or the core that evokes pride about one’s achieve-ment. A martingale in a dream also could mean self-restraint, or self control. …

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Marijuana Marijuana by Ibne serin Marijuana: Intoxicating drug and a wild grass obtained from the hemp plant. In a dream, marijuana means contemptible earnings, a sickness, and a miserable life. (Also see Intoxicants) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Mankind Mankind by Ibne serin Mankind: (Conduct; Quality; Magnitude) The quality of humankind in a dream may represent the quality of the like creations. Thus, a beneficial bird may mean a praiseworthy person, a beast may represent the like quality in man, a harvest projecting a particular person denotes human qualities of a lesser magnitude, etcetera. …

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Male Male by Ibne serin Male: (Gender; Fertilizing; Masculine virility) A human being of the male gender in a dream represents a positive element, a decisive force, or someone who is extremely lucky. (Also see Man) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Lynx Lynx by Ibne serin Lynx: (Cheetah; Panther) Lynx, a cheetah, or a panther in a dream represent might, exaltation, cuddling and coquetry, along with anger, rage and enmity. A lynx in a dream also represents an enemy who does not show either his enmity nor friendliness. Fighting with a lynx in a dream means fighting …

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Lying Lying by Ibne serin Lying: (Blunder; Lies; Tell a lie) Lying in a dream means giving false testimony in court, fabricating a lie, slandering someone, or it could mean constant failure in one’s life. Lying in a dream also means talking nonsense, or letting one’s imagination do the talking, or spreading a sharp idea. If …

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Luxuries shop

Luxuries shop Luxuries shop by Ibne serin Luxuries shop: (Amenity; Extravagance) Luxuries salesman in a dream means enriching oneself at people’s expense. Luxuries shop owner in a dream means enslaving others, or he could represent a cattle merchant, or celebrating happy or sad anniversaries. Dream Interpretation in Islam


Lungs Lungs by Ibne serin Lungs: (Anger; Pulmonary; Soul; Woman) In a dream, lungs represent the abode of the soul. Damaged or decaying lungs in a dream represent the nearing of one’s death. If one sees his lungs turned black in a dream, it means cessation of his business or source of his livelihood. Healthy lungs …

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