Dream symbol starting with Letter K


Kohl Kohl by Ibne serin Kohl: (Eye makeup; Makeup) Kohl in a dream represents money and clarity. Ifone is given some powdered kohl in a dream, it means money. Ifa righteous and God-fearing person places kohl on someone’s eyes in a dream, it means blessings and guidance. Finding a container of kohl in a dream means …

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Knowledge Knowledge by Ibne serin Knowledge: (Bread; Learning; Wall) To see oneself acquiring knowledge in a dream means marriage and rising in status. Such a wedding will be announced publicly. If one earns a title of recognition, or if he becomes renowned, or if he is awarded a great prize for his work in a dream, …

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Knot Knot by Ibne serin Knot: (Bond; Bridge; Contract; Liaison; Tie) To make a knot in one’s shirt in a dream means engaging in business. Tying a knot with a rope in a dream represents one’s religious commitment. Tying a knot with a handkerchief in a dream means giving fringe benefits to a servant or to …

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Knocker Knocker by Ibne serin Knocker: A door knocker in a dream represents the door attendant, the an-nouncer, a messenger, a warning guard, a security system or a guard dog. If the knocker is made of gold or silver in the dream, it represents honor and prosperity of the people of such a house. Ifone sees …

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Knitting Knitting by Ibne serin Knitting: (Interlacing yarn or thread; Weaving) In a dream, knitting represents a problem solver, garments, travels, or hesitation. Knitting in a dream also means the passing of one’s life and the nearing of its end. Knitting in a dream also means living under acceptable conditions, or experiencing the gifts of life …

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Knife sharpener

Knife sharpener Knife sharpener by Ibne serin Knife sharpener: A knife sharpener in a dream represents someone who teaches people skills, sagacity and adroitness. A knife sharpener in a dream also represents sobriety, a dignified bearing of adversities, or he could represent a vile person, a trouble maker, or a decisive person. Dream Interpretation in Islam

Knife handle

Knife handle Knife handle by Ibne serin Knife handle: (Haft; Saber guard; Sword hilt) Seeing a knife handle or a sword haft in a dream means that one still has a property or a minimum amount ofproperty, including but not limited to livestock, gold, silver, or cash savings that is subject to the obligatory (Zakiit) alms …

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Kitchen Kitchen by Ibne serin Kitchen: A kitchen in a dream means preparing food, or it could represent a servant, menial work, a cook, a greasy spoon restaurant, ruins, loss of status, spoils taken from others by force, or it could mean a craft, heat, lust, tampering with the elements, or meddling with people’s business. (Also …

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King King by Ibne serin King: (God Almighty; Governor; Mayor; President; Royalty; Sultan) The true King is God Almighty. If the king is pleased with someone in a dream, it means that God Almighty is pleased with him, and if the king is angry with him in the dream, it means that God Almighty is displeased …

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Kindness Kindness by Ibne serin Kindness: (Courtesy) If a respected person sees himself showing friendliness and kindness toward lowly people in a dream, it means self-degradation, loss of status, dismissal from one’s position, poverty and need for other’s assistance. Dream Interpretation in Islam