Dream symbol starting with Letter J


Kaw1har Kaw1har by Ibne serin Kaw1har: (Plenitude; Abundance; A river in paradise.) To drink from the Kawthar river of paradise in a dream means acquiring knowledge, developing correct deeds, having perfect certitude and truly emulating the leading practices and character of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace. Drinking from the Kawthar river in a dream also …

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Ka’aba Ka’aba by Ibne serin Ka’aba: (God’s house in Mecca.) In a dream, the holy Ka’aba represents the calif of all Muslims, his chief minister, a leader of a country, or it may represent a wedding. Seeing the holy Ka’aba in a dream also means that one may enter it, or it could mean receiving glad …

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Justice Justice by Ibne serin Justice: (Abstention; Decency; Fairness; Honesty; Impartiality; Resignation) Witnessing injustice practiced by the authority in a dream represents the opposite. In fact, seeing an unjust ruler in a dream could signify comfort, peace, tranquility, protection of the society, or it could mean urban developments. Being just in a dream may imply the …

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Junub Junub by Ibne serin Junub: (arb.; See Impurity) Jupiter: (Planet) The planet Jupiter in a dream represents a treasurer. Seeing it along with the Moon in a dream means business trading, prosperity, or rising in station. Ifone sees it descending, or star-crossed, or burning in a dream, then it represents literary gatherings, poetic recitals, dream …

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Junk dealer

Junk dealer Junk dealer by Ibne serin Junk dealer: (Ragman) In a dream, a junk dealer represents a hoax, a liar, a fortuneteller, or a superstition and fable teller. A junk dealer in a dream also represents one who sells fake jewelry. Dream Interpretation in Islam


Jungle Jungle by Ibne serin Jungle: (Forest) In a dream, a jungle means people one cannot benefit from their company. Among them there is an intruder, for jungles grow on plants intruding upon one another, behind which hunters hide to jump at their prey. Ifthe jungle belongs to someone, then it represents enemies one will have …

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Jumping Jumping by Ibne serin Jumping: (Bounce; Hop; Leap) To see oneselfhopping on one leg in a dream means moving from an old place into a new one. Ifone takes a broad leap with one jump in his dream it means travels. Hopping on one leg because of an illness or an impairment in a dream …

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Jujube Jujube by Ibne serin Jujube: (Fruit) In a dream, ajujube fruit represents a noble, strong and a cheerful person who benefits people at large, and who is firm and patient in the face of adversities. Sucking the juice of ajujube fruit in a dream means gaining power. In a dream, ajujube fruit also represents the …

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Joseph Joseph by Ibne serin Joseph: (God’s prophet Joseph, upon whom be peace; arb. Yiisuf) Seeing God’s prophet Joseph (uwbp) in a dream means attaining high rank or a vice-regency. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream also could denote a time of rising prices, drought, loss of one’s family, or suffering from people’s stratagem, entering a …

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