Dream symbol starting with Letter I


~iddiqi.in ~iddiqi.in by Ibne serin~iddiqi.in: He is the arc angel ,Saddiqiin, upon whom be peace, who is in charge of interpreting the meaning of dreams and visions, or giving explanatory parables drawn from the heavenly Preserved Tablet. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream represents glad tidings, festivities, fulfilling promises, recognizing the inevitability of death, enjoying …

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Izrall Izrall by Ibne serin‘Izrall: (The angle of death; Bone-breaker; Death; Longevity) The archangel of death. Seeing him in a dream means martyrdom if one is inspired by it. If one sees the archangel ‘Izra’il angry with him in a dream, it means that one will die unrepented. If one sees ‘Izra’il standing above him, …

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Ivy Ivy by Ibne serin Ivy: (English ivy; Ginseng; Herbal medicine) Ivy in a dream represents a physi-cian. Seeing it in a dream means that one will use homemade medicine to cure his illness. Ivy in a dream also signifies a bad character, or it could represent an ill will. Dream Interpretation in Islam


I’tikaf I’tikaf by Ibne serin I’tikaf:(arb. Retreat; Seclusion) In a dream, it represents a spiritual retreat, prayers, hunger, fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one’s passions DICTIONARY OF DREAMS 229 and desires. (Also see Retreat) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Itching   Itching by Ibne serin Itching: In a dream, itching means poverty and suffering from the pressures of a demanding wife and children. If one’s itching results in bleeding or puss in the dream, it means that they will get what they want. Otherwise, one’s toiling for his livelihood will prolong. If one sees himself …

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Istijffiarah Istijffiarah by Ibne serin Istijffiarah: (arb. See Five times prayers) lstlsqa: (arb. See Five times prayers) Italian: (See Language) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Israfil Israfil by Ibne serin Israfil: The archangel Isriifil upon whom be peace. Seeing him in a dream means resurrection, reanimation of the dead by God’s leave, compelling one’s enemies to accept his conditions, and refuting the claims of disbelievers and atheists about the resurrection. Dream Interpretation in Islam


Ismail Ismail by Ibne serin Ismail: (The prophet Ismail, son of the prophet Abraham, upon both of them be peace.) If one sees him in a dream, it means that he will gain clarity of speech and preside over his colleagues. He also may build a mosque, or participate in such a project. It also means …

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Ishaq Ishaq by Ibne serin Ishaq: (Also known as John in Western traditions. God’s prophet Isl!aq, son of the prophet Jacob, upon both of them be peace.) In a dream, seeing him indicates adversities and hardships. If one has a son who ran away in disobedience to his father, and if he sees God’s prophet Ishaq …

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