camel by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi camel

Are in a dream woman.
is of the opinion that it is Aleppo camel marry a righteous woman, and was married to livelihood and a son, the Crown or the state collects the zakat. And camel meat indicates the fulfillment of vows, or misfortune, or disease, or livelihood. And camel riding marriage. It is dead camel died his wife or his hero. Perhaps the many camel woman quarrel.
It felt nothing, they entered the city of temptation of the verse {Verily Senders camel temptation to them, and thy Vartqubhm} . It is their own camel regret is he did and won the calamity, and married the king of nothing or smelter or king of a house or land. The Aleppo, which is milk such as blood and pus that money was forbidden.
It felt that nothing was lost or stolen it from his wife die. Camel and a woman is valid on the patient toil of carrying heavy loads. The slain is indicated by the worries and Aloncad. The camel in a dream a tree or a ship or Palm. The camel and the late Alhodg and the dome and the stretcher. All women.
It felt nothing brings to us in the mosque or in the spacious, they fertilized years. [See sentences.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of camels

 Of the passengers saw that it was a camel driver accelerator, it indicates to his departure.

 It felt: that a camel is going on, it shows the reflection and worry and grief.

 It felt: that he got off his camel, it indicates the disease and for recovery afterwards.

 It felt: that sitting on a camel, has strayed from the road which is marketed sentences did not know the way it shows bullying and misguidance.

 It felt: that he had found nothing, it indicates to marry, although the camel with a faction shall be born to that woman.

 It is it considers that: a camel driven his successor it testifies to the get worry and grief, the the Crown and his face of it and what obey Him by it get are the worried and distressed, and was told-Jamal the raging a man who Jalil Qadr.

 It felt: it takes care of his camels are many, and it is for the state of matter into force, and was told that the camel under way, albeit a faction it shows for born to his wife and the increasing wealth and get his way.

 It felt: defending many of the camels in the land or in the village, it indicates to collect from enemies or being a flood or illness, although the beauty of pre-loaded or barley it get better than that stream and an increase in income.

 It felt: he rode the son of labor it shows they get worried and distressed.

 It felt: that he came down with him, it indicates the disappearance of worry and distress.

 It felt: that he came out of the body of camel blood Vassell it shows him for happiness and grace.

 It felt: it leads beautiful it shows a feud with someone who matters.

 It felt: he has found many beautiful in the wild it shows the elevation of wealth and entry into force of the command.

 It is it considers that: that he had found two camels it testifies to the the benefit of from one person Mutabar.

If she saw a woman riding a camel to go where she wants it, they get married and be obedient to her husband .

 It felt: that the inter eat a camel it shows to get money from the power and grace.

The skin and vision benefit and sentences said money from the inheritance .

 It felt: that the camel spoke with him it indicates that it is better and for the benefit of people marvel at it.

 It felt: he rides a camel journey is unknown, it travels away.

 It felt: that riding a camel, it affects the authority Oagamaa, though patients may die.

 It felt: that the sentences he turned it affects grief.

The woman saw a camel, it construed her husband, though she is married is good in its own right, and that her husband was the oldest traveler .

 It felt: that he lent a camel it infects seriously ill, then he recovers from it.

 It felt: that sentences are fighting an enemy as much as it is undisputed ability sentences, and perhaps some of his relatives died.

 It felt: that it is a camel invincible invincible enemy.

 It is it considers that: in of his home a camel, the was sick is innocent of the his illness, If he has feud took off them and except receive people of his home reward you.

 It felt: a camel Mnhora it dies in his home a large house, and also said that he saw dead.

 It felt: on the door of his home from a camel into narrow not afford that place, it demonstrates the novelty of the verse, “do not enter Paradise until the camel goes in the needle.”

 It felt: nothing entered the place it is construed allure of the verse, “Verily Senders camel temptation for them.”

 It felt: that the camel milk yield for the year, they fertilized.

 It felt: that their own camel, it interpreted the accession scourge of the verse, “hamstrung her.” It was of the opinion that he hit a camel or knees, it marries a woman Njbh construed and milking money from the point of hitting women.

 It felt: that the camel out of his property he dies his wife.

 It felt: that the camel has displaced it is between him and his wife quarrel and said to disperse camel meat construed Btafrqh money a woman.

 It felt: that Ehlebaha it affects the money from Sultan, though it is at the honey in two ways: money for old and injured node of the living.

 It is it considers that: Nouka and camels many entered the to a place, it enters that place enemy, especially if was the slug, albeit it was in loads that which is recommended its kind in the exegesis, the the consequence That enemy to the better of, albeit loads than hates its kind Vtobeirh against him, and perhaps is indicated this vision on the For Sale or diseases that place.

 It felt: It is Tith it fall ill, and the intensity of fear and shame, even if the status of isolation for his status and whether their skin tanned or money pie.It was a vision shows a man Alboukta outlandish, and dromedary construed Arab men, although the sound is indicated by an enemy is rich, and was told is a sign of rain, as well as a train of camels indicate rain, as well as hear the hooves of a donkey is not that Ieanha.

 It felt: like a camel rider Arabs living God pilgrimage, God willing.

 It felt: that he came down with him in the way earned it a disease or is unable to travel.

 It is it considers that: that he rode on deceased Chahba it travels and infects with something better, albeit slug he is Zafar enemies by the.

 It felt: that he fell from the back of camel afflicted risk.

 It felt: that sponsored the camels, it follows the mandate of the Arabs.

 It felt as if he signed a two camels Atnazaaan war between two kings.

 It felt: that camel rider upside down he commits the sin of his wife and camel Almalhoubh travel fears the block. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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