Caliph by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Caliph

Is the name of those different people to him for his knowledge or industry or for those who Istkhalafh Imam. The Caliph saw a man in a dream, or saw himself as well, indicated by the good condition and good consequences of his order, and order of the Caliph-based religion and the law of His prophet. What was seen from the increase or decrease that returned to what is it. Shows to see the caliph to detect Alosoa and high grades, seer though promised him a promise to perform, and what hope for gain. It is chaired by the people who are not in a dream the people, is evidence of corruption if the parish, and exit on the right, and their inclination to injustice. The one who died in a dream of the rulers toughest things is indicated by the comfort and security for the people of his country. Shows to see the caliph to speak in the presentation of the seer is on the selection of the ruler and the imam and the governor and the world, and all of his altitude as much as the other rate. Is indicated by the parent.
and perhaps shown his vision on the year and the establishment, and on religion and piety and retire to the people, and on i’tikaaf, and honesty in word and volunteering, and building sub-note and repentance, and to refrain from sin, and Islam the infidel, and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The Caliph died in a dream indicates that the shortfall. The became a seer Khalifa in a dream and was eligible for the king the king, or judgment rule, or ruler or the state happened to him from it what it deserves, and only a prison or a disease or traveled journey away, or failed to do against himself or against God.
It is believed that the God Almighty made ​​him successor in the land it receives the succession was eligible for the state, otherwise it is located in the strife destroy the Assassin blood, and saved the people of science and piety. And if he sees that he has become an imam, or successor, it attributed the gain and honor. And if he sees that it has become the successor is not the best but be eligible for it, but Faisiba humiliation, and ordered him to disperse until it was topped of service and gloating by the enemies. The Caliph saw that he was killed, it is required a great and he gains it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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