Buffalo by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Buffalo

In a dream is the head of an innovator, a strong majestic, brave the skin, does not fear anyone, and potentially harm people overworked. The woman saw that her centuries Kkaron buffalo, they undermine the state, or marry her that the king was worthy of it. Mohab man and buffalo, many fraud and auscultation of the words, many travel on land and sea, the authoritarian enemies.
and perhaps indicated by the toil and strive, or to abuse. Used in the plowing or rotation indicated by the poverty and need. And female buffalo cow is like in all their conditions.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Buffalo: (Wild ox) A buffalo in a dream represents a strong, innovative and a forbearing leader, who is courageous and well respected by his followers. If a woman sees herself having buffalo’s horns in a dream, it means that she will preside over a group of people or marry a man who is a leader in his community. A buffalo in a dream also represents an intelligent but fraudulent person who travels extensively and who is persistent in his demands. In a dream, a buffalo also means striving, toiling andDream Interpretation in Islam

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