boy by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi boy

Is in a dream are distressed because he was a child carries. The Bichara teenager boy. If the country was limited and the people in the severity and saw a good-boy image that entered the city, and came down from heaven, or out of the earth, the gospel may Dent. The boy’s pride and strength.
It is felt that a boy learns at school, he repents of sin was doing if he was learning the Koran. The saw one of the scholars and the governors that he learns in school is unaware of it, or turn from splendor to humiliation.
glabrous and felt that it inherits a legacy from his mother. And if he saw the poor boy had his mother bore him, it receives sustenance and sang. And if the patient is a boy that it dies.
and saw his face in the mirror the face of a boy and had a pregnant woman comes to him his wife, the Bold lookalike said. He held the little boy in a dream they are. The boy’s enemy is weak. And if he sees that his kids were born to him on the DL are distressed. If a male child was a welcome consequence, although the female child was reprehensible consequences. The man saw a large shift in a baby boy, it comes out of ignorance, and go Mruth which, though they are severe or tight pussy with him.The young boys casting to small concerns.
It is believed that the boy in the closet shouting it hits the stick.
and possibly shown to see the young wedding decorations, or sedition, money, or the conviction to live at the lowest or the inability to reason.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Young boy: (See Boy)Dream Interpretation in Islam


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